IS IT THE WEEKEND? // Wilsons Promontory & Yanakie, Australia

Routine still feels elusive to me some days, but I feel like I am finally falling into the swing of things during the week. I feel pretty lucky that I get to work nine to five, Monday and Friday, as I can finally enjoy the luxury of weekends, and when they arise, long weekends.

This past weekend coincided with a Victorian public holiday on a Monday, so we were treated to what feels like yet another long weekend this year, not that I am complaining! The weekend further coincided with a family event, so Chris and I found ourselves in the countryside with his family for a perfectly chilled out weekend down near Wilsons Promontory.

Well, perhaps the ‘chilled out’ part started after a stunning hike up Mount Bishop. The views were absolutely 10 out of 10.

The hike itself was easier than Mount Oberon, the main mountain hike in Wilsons Promontory. We did the whole walk in less than two hours return, despite the information booklet advising a two and a half hour return trip. I guess it depends how long you stop at the summit to take in the views!

I spent a bit of time at Wilsons Promontory as a child, however it is still probably one of my favourite national parks. The scenery gets me every time, and there are so many hikes that I haven’t even done yet. I really want to get back for some overnight hiking one day, as I haven’t done one since I was in high school!

After our hike we headed back to our accommodation at Yanakie Caravan Park. Admittedly I had never stayed in Yanakie before, but it turned out to be a beautiful caravan park only a five minute drive from the gate to Wilsons Promontory. The park was booked out for the long weekend, and the beaches were full of holiday makers taking in the early Autumn sun. It was like Summer never left!

The beach extended around the corner from the main beach, so we clambered over some rocks and enjoyed a private little cove for a few hours. I was taking these photos from the shade of the overhanging trees, yet I still managed to score myself some painful sunburn!

We could even admire the distant mountains of Wilsons Promontory from the beach, providing a perfect backdrop to the already amazing beaches. I can’t believe places like this were so close to home for me when growing up, and I am only truly beginning to appreciate them all now as an adult!

– Reanna


ON BEING BACK // Wilsons Promontory, Australia

Being back home in Australia has been a mixed experience. It feels somewhat strange to be back – the familiar places and faces, the language, the weather – but all at once it feels like we never left. For some reason Chris and I both had this idea that we would return home and there would have been changes. Yet nothing significantly has. We were only gone 5-6 months!

Yesterday Chris and I ventured down to Wilsons Promontory – or more often known as simply ‘the Prom’ – for a bit of exploring. Neither of us had been for five years, so it was great to visit it again. I always forgot how close it is! We hiked up Mt Oberon for some spectacular views of the coastline, had a picnic lunch at Tidal River, before taking a dip down at the beach.




Despite not having seen friends and family for months, after the initial catch up it feels like we never left. We fall back into our usual ways and conversations. It is nice to feel so familiar again. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



When talking to people about being away, I sometimes feel a bit lost as to where to begin. It feels a bit overwhelming to encapsulate my entire experience in Europe in a few small sentences! Chris and I were talking last night and came to the conclusion that our stories and experiences will most likely emerge in conversations later in life. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


We have only been back a week, but it almost feels like we never left! However, we are busily on the flat hunt so we can move back to Melbourne and resume our life there. University starts up in two weeks, and competition for flats is fierce. So fingers crossed we find something soon so we can get ourselves organised!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI feel like there is so much more I should be saying about being back, but really it feels like I never left! It is refreshing having returned.

– Reanna.