LITTLE INDIA // Singapore

I didn’t fully elaborate in my previous post, but returning to Singapore from Sugi Island required a private boat from the resort to Sekupang Ferry Terminal on Batam Island, and then an international ferry (taking around 45 minutes) to Harbourfront in Singapore.

We had just disembarked from the ferry in Singapore, when it began to rain heavily! Thankfully we had arrived around lunch time and were happy to sit tight in a little food court at the ferry terminal for a little while, before getting an Uber to our hotel. I also had the hottest satay sauce of my life at the ferry terminal! Turns out the ‘satay’ sauce at home is pretty pathetic.

Our hotel was at the other end of town from where we had previously stayed, near Jalan Besar. We were next to the Thekchen Choling Buddhist Temple, and across the road from a very hipster looking coffee shop.

The weather still looked grim overhead, but we ventured out in the afternoon after checking in to our room. Our destination was the nearby Little India, a historic ethnic district.

Little India was amazing colourful, with painted buildings, flags, and colourful food and wares being sold on the sidewalk.

One of the many attractions in the area was the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. As with the rest of the area, it was beautifully colourful.

We had no real distination, and were happy just wandering the streets and taking in the sights.

I am sure the apartment buildings below aren’t anything special, but they were just so bright that they really caught my attention!

All in all, it was a pretty quiet and eventful afternoon. We didn’t want to check too much off our ‘to see’ list, as we still had another full day before flying home. Plus we were still emerging from the peaceful mindsets we had adopted at Telunas Resort!

We finished the evening with a Japanese dinner and cocktail, before taking it easy and having an early night back at our hotel – we had an overnight flight back home so we needed all the sleep we could get in a bed!

– Reanna