I’m Reanna, and this little blog is my attempt to document bits and pieces of my travels around the world, and across my home country, Australia.

I am your just average Melbournian, spending my days working in the city, drinking lattes & riding my bike everywhere. This blog was initially created in 2014 as a means for documenting and sharing my experiences of studying abroad for five months in Prague, Czech Republic. Whilst I am certainly no professional photographer or talented wordsmith, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of documenting my travels. As such, this little blog has remained! Plus browsing back through my old travels has proven to be an excellent procrastination tool.

Whilst I am always dreaming of my next overseas trip, my current typical adventures feature my beloved Melbourne, day trips for hiking, and glimpses of South Gippsland, the region I grew up in and often return to. I am also endeavouring to explore more of this vast country I live in (Uluru, I am looking at you!). You will usually find me accompanied on my journeys by my beloved best friend and partner, Chris.

If you have any questions about my travels, or have any suggestions of places to explore near Melbourne, please leave a comment or shoot me an email!

“And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed!) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”


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  1. Welcome to the Czech Republic!

    I’ve been doing the expat thing here for ten years and absolutely love the country, I’m sure you’ll grow to love it too.

    If you’re looking for some ideas of places to go when you want to escape Prague, (and you will want to from time to time) pay a visit to my blog about traveling in the country. There’s all kinds of hidden gems outside of the capital:



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