At last, the end of our holiday photos! Considering we were only gone for ten days I still managed to take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

We had a 9pm flight home on our final day, so we still had a lot of time to spend exploring before we had to head out to the airport. We had a slow morning at our hotel, before checking out and setting off towards Arab Street in search of coffee. We came across this Old Malay Cemetery on the way – this was an aspect of Singapore that I found really beautiful, that in between all the buildings were little pockets of green.

We had coffee at a cute little cafe (Artistry Cafe, a decent brew if you are in the area!) a block down from the beautiful Masjid Sultan mosque.

After out caffeine fix we wandered towards the Bugis district. Chris had heard that the National Library had some decent views, so we wandered in and caught the elevator up as high as we could. We could only see across the Bugis area, but it was still a great view.

Bugis is known for it’s cheap shopping, in particular, Bugis Street. We had a quick walk through, but neither of us were in the market for any cheap goods!

We continued on towards the city centre, wandering past the Parliament and Supreme Court. Eventually we found a small hawker centre and spent approximately $3 AUD each on a massive plate of stirfry vegetables and rice. I miss Singapore…

Admittedly we had little else planned and we were running out of sights to see, so we somehow ended up at some horrifying apartment/underground shopping centre/nightmare at the Suntec Centre. It was good to get some airconditioning (and bubble tea) but damn capitalism is terrifying!

Okay, maybe we did eventually find some more good views among all the shops!

For the remainder of the afternoon we decided we desperately needed to do something indoors and out of the humidity, so we checked out the Asian Civilisations Museums. They had some great permanent exhibits about the extensive history of Singapore, touching on colonization and the multicultural influences on the present day country.

Of course, our final dinner in Singapore before going to the airport was another hawker hall. This one was located about 100 metres from our hotel, and was just as quick and delicious as we had hoped. I don’t think I would ever cook lunch for work if I lived around the corner from a hawker hall!

And that brings an end to our quick trip to Singapore and Indonesia! It worked out perfectly as a ten day holiday from Melbourne, with cheap flights, and a perfect combination of hectic sight seeing in Singapore and beach relaxation in Indonesia.

But one question remains… where to next?!

– Reanna


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