ANNUAL LEAVE // Singapore

Last weekend Chris and I were sweating in the South-East Asian sun, and this weekend it is back to the questionably cold weather of Melbourne. Our ten day holiday flew by, but it was also the perfect amount of time to get in both a thorough exploration of Singapore and spend some time relaxing in Indonesia.

As the title of this post alludes to, this holiday is my first overseas holiday using my annual leave since I began working full time in December last year! I haven’t accrued a great deal of leave yet, but with the help of weekends and a public holiday, we managed to stretch out our trip for ten days, with one day recovery.

We admittedly chose Singapore due to cheap flights that worked well with our timing! Though typically considered a stop over destination, we found it a great place to explore for a few days.

Our flight arrived in Singapore in the late afternoon, so our first night involved a quick walk, accidentally spending $100 on an average dinner, and sleeping ten hours. We were up bright and early the next day for what was probably our most action packed day. Our hotel was in Robertson Quay, so we followed the river to Marina Bay.

In full tourist style, our first major stop was the Merlion. Despite my (joking) requests, Chris did not want to pose for a photo where it looked like the lion was squirting water into his mouth.

The CBD was a million times more modern than the area we were staying in, and was quite desolate as we had arrived in time for the weekend. However, we stumbled straight into a giant dragon boating festival along the bay, which provided some entertainment.

After gawking at Marina Bay Sands (and cooling off in the shops – Singapore was hot!) we wandering towards Gardens by the Bay. Chris noticed a group of people looking at something by the water, so we curiously followed suit. Turns out it was the most glorious group of otters! I honestly was not expecting to see any wildlife in Singapore, so I was more than happy to watch these cuties snuggle up to each other in the sun.

By this time it was still only around 9am in the morning (we set off early!) so the Gardens were largely empty. We skipped the greenhouses and wandered towards the epic Supertree Grove.

I was happy to slowly walk through the park to find the best vantage point for a sweeping view of the Supertrees and Marina Bay Sands. Admittedly I still have zero idea what I am doing with my new DSLR camera, but thankfully ‘auto’ mode still takes a pretty good shot.

After a good hour or so of garden explorations I was positive I was getting sunburnt, despite being covered in sunscreen, so we began a desperate search for iced coffee.

In order to over photo overload, I think I am going to divide this day in to two posts! Admittedly the rest of the trip isn’t as photo heavy (I think), plus I am getting more lenient in how many photos I don’t delete these days. I was far more ruthless in Europe!

– Reanna



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