A VERY FOGGY ADVENTURE // Katoomba, Australia

I have a continually developing list of places I want to visit in Australia, and the Blue Mountains is definitely near the top of it. As soon as I discovered that the mountains could easily be accessed from Sydney by train, I squeezed it into our itinerary for our recent trip. Coincidentally the day we planned to go coincided with my birthday, so I spent weeks dreaming of celebrating my birthday in front of the epic views of the Blue Mountains.

Our day had a rocky start from the beginning, with rain setting in over Sydney. When we arrived at Central Station we were informed that the Blue Mountains line was undergoing track works, so we would spend the second half of our trip on a bus. I was determined to remain optimistic, but as our bus drove into Katoomba substantially later than it was scheduled to arrive, our doubts were confirmed.

Katoomba was covered in the thickest layer of fog I have ever seen! We could hardly see more than a few metres down the road. The above photo was at the Echo Point look out, and instead of panoramic views all we could see was white!

I’m sure the Three Sisters are out there somewhere…

Despite the disappointment of it all, Chris and I kept in good humour about the whole experience. We were hysterically laughing by the time we arrived at the viewing platform, as were some of the hundreds of other poor tourists who had made the trek from Sydney with us!

We managed a bit of a hike from Echo Point to the falls, before throwing in the towel and heading back in to town for a well deserved beer. We were thoroughly drenched when we reached the pub, so much so that we made a last minute dash to a Rivers outlet to buy new shoes!

Our original plans were to stay in Katoomba all day and head back into the city after dinner, however we caught an early train back and treated ourselves to momos and wine instead. At least Sydney put it on at night!

While it was disappointing to not be able to see anything in Katoomba, it was still a fun, although very damp, day. As someone commented on a photo I put on facebook, it was a ‘very authentic’ Blue Mountains experience. What we could see looked beautiful, so I am all the more excited to go back another time, and maybe spend a few days hiking in the area. As Chris and I were discussing on the plane home, at least we weren’t visiting Katoomba from overseas with a slim likelihood of return – Sydney isn’t far away!

– Reanna


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