THE END AT LAST // Beijing, China

After two plus months of procrastination, forgetfulness, and being generally too busy, I have finally reached the end of my photos from my holiday! Whilst some days it does feel like a chore uploading photos (due to a combination of terrible internet, and having no room for photos on WordPress), I do always enjoy the process of putting them together, and I know I will look back at them one day.

These final photos are from the afternoon of my last day in Beijing. I had an early flight home the next day, so I was making the most of catching up with my friend!

The weather was surprisingly clear, so we made a mission for Jinshang Park – my third and final attempt to get a clear view of the city. Entry to the park is only 2 yuan (so, 40 cents AUD), plus it is beautiful, so returning was not an issue. It was absolutely a case of ‘third time lucky’, as we had wonderfully clear views of the Forbidden City. The sun glare didn’t help with the photos, but who could care when the view was so good.

Afterwards snapping a few photos, we headed into the modern area of Beijing and walked down a shopping mall, with the intention of visiting the famous (or infamous?) Wangfujing Snack Street.

My friend warned me of the bad smell of various fried foods before entering!

Yes, they are scorpions!

The street was pumping with tourists eager to try various foods, ranging from dumplings and tofu, to every imaginable type of meat, seafood and insect on a stick!

We tried some suscpicious looking tofu, but otherwise steered clear of eating anything else! It made for an interesting experience just wandering through the market and taking in all the sights and smells.

Eventually we made our way back out and jumped on the metro to the district my friend lives in to get dinner at one of his favourite local restaurants. The cuisine was Sichaun, which basically just means it is going to be super spicy! We shared some dumplings and a Sichuan ‘hot pot’, which you can see below. It was essentially various ‘meats’ (like, luncheon ham) in a spicy broth. I eat vegetarian about 90% of the time, so it was a bit of a struggle!

We also ordered ‘dan dan’ noodles, which are noodles covered in a chilli sauce. After a bit of negotiating we were able to ask for less chilli on my noodles, but I still sweating profusely by the time I finished eating my bowl!

After that we parted ways and I returned to my hostel for an early night of packing and working out how to get to the airport for my 7:00am flight.

This might have been my second time to China, but I feel like there is still so much to explore in the vast nation! If you ever get the chance to visit China, I would thoroughly recommend it – it is such a beautiful and diverse country, with a rich history. I only hope I can return again one day! 谢谢 !

– Reanna


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