A HIPSTER BREAK // Beijing, China

When I began putting together all my photos from this past holiday, I honestly though I would have it all done within a few weeks. Nearly two months since my return it seems I still have a fair few posts ahead of me! Oh, naive ambition…

My days in Beijing fell into a bit of a routine – breakfast at the hostel, call someone back home, research where to go to for the morning and how to get there, and eventually leave the hostel around mid morning. Considering how could it was during my trip, it was nice to warm up slowly in the morning before braving the weather outside!

On this particular day I decided to check out Jingshang Park, as recommended by my friend for the views of the Forbidden City.

It seemed a little foggy as I walked to the park, and whilst it did clear up slightly by the time I arrived, I was still unable to see the city!

Classic Beijing.

I made do by wandering around the beautiful park for an hour or so.

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend who took me to the ‘hipster’ art area of Beijing – the 798 Art Zone. It was a bit of a mission to get there – a metro, taxi, and a walk. But as always, totally worth it!

The area is full of decommissioned factories that have since been turned into galleries, shops, and cafes. We met up for coffee with another Aussie expat, and checked out a ‘3D exhibition’, which was simultaneously horribly lame, but so much fun.

That evening, my friend took me to a restaurant to try a different regional cuisine. I can’t remember the name of the region, but it specialises in delicate flavours, such as green tea. It also apparently specialises in the below mysterious cake/bread/ice cream concoction!

The food was A+ (even the above meat, cooked in green tea – I typically eat vegetarian 90% of the time!), as always. Travelling in China has certainly ruined eating Chinese food for me back in Australia!

– Reanna


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