DIM SUM DAYS // Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Extended flight stop overs are such a fantastic way to sneak in another country or city, whilst still getting a reasonable airfare. Chris and I met up in Kuala Lumpur when I went to China in 2015 as part of our return flights from Hong Kong, and three days felt like the perfect amount of time to check out KL. When we were booking our trip to India, we decided to have a stop over at either Hong Kong or Singapore, depending on which flight would be more convenient. Our travel agent worked their computer magic (or whatever it is they do) and worked out a three day stop over in Hong Kong.

It wasn’t until we were on our way to India that we realised that our Hong Kong stopover might not be as relaxing as we anticipated. Our flight from Delhi left at 10:00pm, lasted five hours, and with a couple of hours time difference meant we arrived at 6:00am Hong Kong time. It is safe to say we were absolutely wrecked by the time we stumbled into our hotel in the early morning, and we were more than happy to upgrade our room in order to check in early. Plus, the upgraded room was on the top floor so we got to enjoy some amazing views!

After showering/eating/returning to human form we ventured out of our hotel for a stroll into Causeway Bay. Soon enough it was lunch time, and using Chris’ knowledge of Hong Kong from spending two weeks here the year before, we headed to one of the Tim Ho Wan stores, a cheap dim sum place with a Michelen Star rating. We waited about 10 minutes, before being seated and quickly served. I was still feeling a bit sick from India, but it was delicious nonetheless!

We were both exhausted by this point, so headed back to our hotel for what we though might be a quick nap. Two and a half hours later, we realised to was probably time to consider our plans for the evening!

After grabbing some egg tarts to refuel (a Hong Kong necessity) we caught the metro over to Kowloon to wander the street markets, before a quick stop for ramen. We were basically falling asleep in our noodle bowls, so we went back to our hotel for a very early night.

As we had both previously been to Hong Kong, we were happy to take our time in the city easy. However, after ten odd hours of sleep, we woke up motivated to take on hiking up to Victoria Peak. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but after an hour of walking up the steep maze of streets to the forested path near the peak, we began questioning our decision!

Once we reached the forested area the incline continued, so frequent stops to catch our breath we essential. At least there were some stellar views!

Before we knew it, the path flattened out and we found ourselves at the shopping centre at the Peak.

The views up here are 100% worth it.

We caught the tram back down the mountain, had a quick pit stop at the hotel, and went out for…. more dim sum. Isn’t that the main thing to do?!?

The afternoon was spent wandering around Kowloon, including some shopping at the Jade Market, checking out the Flower Market, and searching for the Bird Garden. The Bird Garden was a strange little strip of garden full of men sitting around chatting, whilst hanging their bird cages on purpose built poles.

That night we went out for a fancy dinner (by our standards anyway!) in Causeway Bay, to celebrate getting my thesis results back! It was also a nice way to spend our last night together, as I had a flight to Beijing the next day, whilst Chris was heading back to Melbourne.

Chris and I often discuss whether we could ever move to a certain city, and Hong Kong is definitely one of those places. Sure, it is cramped and busy, but it is so full of life and is a melting pot of culture, whilst also being close to numerous places we have yet to visit in South East Asia. Who knows, maybe one day?

– Reanna


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