ROUNDABOUT // Delhi, India

And now back to the feature presentation! This is my last post from our time in India, which feels so long ago now.

As previously mentioned, from Bundi we caught our final sleeper train back to Delhi for a final night in the capital. We returned to the hotel we previously stayed in, and the group began to drift different ways for sightseeing around the city. Our tour guide organised a private driver to take a small group of us to a list of recommended destinations. The first stop was Swaminarayan Akshardham, however we weren’t allowed to take cameras in! It was such a shame as the temple was absolutely beautiful (and as we later learnt, very new), but it allowed us to appreciate the beauty with our own eyes rather than a camera lens.

The next stop on our itinerary was the famed Lotus Temple. I admittedly knew nothing about the place, other than it was a tourist hot spot, and was surprised to learn about the Bahá’í religion it serves. It was absolutely pumping with tourists, but thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long before entering the silence of the temple itself. One had to remain completely silent inside, which resulted in several parents with small babies being kicked out almost immediately.

Afterwards it was on to Lodhi Gardens, but not before grabbing a quick ice cream.

The Lodhi Gardens feature a range of ancient tombs from the 15th Century. It was also wonderfully peaceful inside, a perfect break from sitting in slow, noisy Delhi traffic all day!

Evidently I took way too many photos at the gardens.

Next it was on to Satyagraha House, a museum built in the final residence of Gandhi. The museum was very information heavy on the bottom floor, whilst on the top floor featuring a range of interactive exhibits that staff were far too eager to get us to take part in!

The museum also marks out Gandhi’s final steps before his assassination.

Our last stop after 6 odd hours to adventuring (half of which was definitely spent in the car!) was India Gate, a war memorial located near the government are of town. As you can see, it was incredibly busy!

We had one last group dinner that night, before saying our goodbyes and heading off to bed.

Chris and I had another full day in Delhi, as our flight wasn’t until later that night. We intended to do some more sightseeing, but luck wasn’t in our favour. Both of us felt a bit unwell in the morning, but we pushed on to attempt to see the Red Fort. However, visiting the fort was far more expensive than advertised on their website and we didn’t have enough cash to last us the day. I began to feel progressively worse, so after some lunch we made our way back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon resting. A bit of a sad and sorry was to end our trip in India!

Well, India – you were crazily busy, loud, and like nothing I have ever experience, but also full of insanely beautiful people and places. And the food. I am never going to be eat naan at home again after experiencing its true form abroad!

– Reanna


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