HAPPY NEW YEAR (INTERLUDE) // Kernot, Australia

And another year is over. I feel as if I should have something philosophical to write to mark this occasion, but that doesn’t seem to be my style! 2016 was a pretty crazy and exciting year, with a lot of excitement at the end with holidays, graduating university and starting full time work. Chris and I celebrated the end of the year by attending a weekend long music festival, NYE on the Hill, which was conveniently located on a farm in Kernot, half an hour from out home town. I’ll be back with the rest of my overseas photos shortly – it is taking a lot longer than expected due to working, Christmas, and terrible internet!

We arrived at the farm on Friday afternoon, and enjoyed a solid trek from our car, up ‘the Hill’ and over the other side to the camping area. It would have been lovely if we weren’t attempting to carry all of our camping stuff in one hit!

We quickly settled in and explored the area. The views were A+, and we had a pretty great vantage point form where we had pitched our tent.

At the top of ‘the Hill’ was the main stage, several bars (made out of shipping containers and wooden pallets), food stalls, and a petting zoo! The festival was limited to 2,500 attendees, making the vibe not feel overwhelming.

Bands played pretty regularly throughout the afternoon, and having one stage meant we didn’t have to worry about missing out on performances.

The sunset was also pretty spectacular, and certainly drew a crowd!

In the morning Chris and I drove into the nearby town (village might actually be a more accurate description!) of Loch for a walk and some much needed coffee. We had a quick explore of the area, including the old railway station you can see in the photo below.

Once we returned to camp we realised that driving to coffee had indeed been a good decision, as we over heard some people discussing the 25+ minutes they had spent waiting in line to buy coffee at the festival!

After lunch and seeing a few performances, we hiked up the main road for a few hundred metres to reach a lookout. We were provided with some amazing views of the camp, the surrounding area, and even as far as French Island.

In terms of the performances, the highlights included Camp Cope, Mosquito Coast, the Preachers, and the Bennies. The Theme Team also deserve a mention for their performances of theme songs from 90s TV shows (think Pokemon, Round the Twist, Sailor Moon, Daria…), but Tash Sultana was definitely the best set of the festival.

Staying up to midnight was admittedly a bit of a struggle for us two go-getters, but we pulled through and shared to countdown with everyone else on the hill. All in all, it was an exhausting but amazing weekend! One last hurrah for the festival season, before knuckling down for work.

I wish you all the best for the new year, in whatever endeavours you follow!

– Reanna


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