BLUE CITY // Bundi, India

Bundi was quite possibly my favourite city we visited in India. Whilst still big by Australian standards, it is a ‘smaller’ city, lesser known and subsequently less touristic, but very beautiful.

We had a private bus from Jaipur, taking about four to five hours. After our usual hotel rest (lunch, wifi, etc), we headed off into town in search of ATMs once again. A benefit of Bundi being a smaller town meant much smaller lines at the ATMs, and we managed to get some more cash. Whilst waiting for the rest of the group out the front of the bank, a number of us had the shock of our lives when two giant monkeys jumped into the middle of our group, before proceeding to knock over some motorbikes and continue chasing each other down the road. We all absolutely freaked out, as our tour guide had warned us minutes earlier how aggressive the local breed of monkey was. I am sure the locals thought our reaction was hilarious!

We continued on through the local market, with a small stop to observe a local Muslim celebration.

I loved how colourful Bundi was, with painted buildings and temples.

We eventually emerged at a lake, and watched the sun set whilst making friends with an adorable stray puppy. Making friends here meaning appreciating how cute the animal was whilst ensuring it didn’t touch us.

The next morning we started off early to tour the town, starting of with visiting one of the towns historic step wells. These used to be the main methods of collecting water in the city, though now this one is filled with stagnant water!

We hopped back on our bus and after a few minutes of driving emerged onto a hill surrounding the town, which offered amazing views of the city and the palace.

Our guide informed us that Bundi was the second blue city of Rajasthan, after Jodphur.

As usual I took far too many photos, before jumping back on the bus to drive up to Bundi Palace. The palace was one of my favourites in India, so I took far too many photos – essentially warranting its own post, so I will be back to share the rest of my photos from Bundi soon!

– Reanna



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