AMBER // Jaipur, India

Looking back on all my photos is making me all the more ready to head off on another trip! Which is all the more hard when I think about the fact that I have just started full time work, and it is going to take me a few months to save up some annual leave. But I guess the perks of finally being an ‘adult’ is that I do get paid leave, and I can actually plan holidays in advance. That’s what being an adult is all about, right?

Returning to the colourful world of Jaipur, after a quick stop at the Wind Palace, we continued up the distant hills by tuk tuk to the Amber Palace.

We stopped at the bottom of the palace and had magnificent views up to the sprawling complex.

It was a bit of a hike up, with the added bonus of having to avoid elephants (a very touristic, and sad, form of transport of the hill) and vendors trying to sell you various knick knacks.

Once in the palace, we were treated to wonderful views of the surrounding hills. The hill in the above photo even included a wall that looked a little bit like the Great Wall of China.

The very sad looking elephants slowly making their way up the hill.

Our tour guide forced Chris and I to have a couple photo! Which I am admittedly grateful for – we are terrible at being in photos when we travel!

One of the most spectacular parts of the palace was the Hall of Mirrors, a very different version to the similarly named place at the Palace of Versailles!

Whilst being quite well restored, the palace also included faded paintings and walls, that really added to the ancient feel of the place.

On our way out, our tour guide took us down to a tunnel that extended several kilometres up the hill to a neighbouring fort. We didn’t have the time to explore, and I am not sure I would have wanted to spend such a long time underground!

We caught a local bus back into the city, which was certainly an experience! We had one more stop before having a free afternoon – Jal Mahal, or the Water Palace. Unfortunately the time of day we arrived was not the best for getting a great photo!

The afternoon was free for us to explore the markets and do some shopping, before heading back to the hotel for dinner and a ‘rooftop party’. The party was really just drinking cheap beers on the rooftop terrace, but our tour guide surprised us by organising a local musician! It was a really fun night, and a great way to wind down after the walking around the hectic downtown markets.

Jaipur, you are beautiful!

– Reanna


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