TO MARKET TO MARKET // Jaipur, India

So despite my best intentions, it seems an entire week has gone by already and now I am further behind in these posts than I anticipated! Apparently starting full time work and driving all over the countryside for Christmas festivities leaves one with little time or energy to do anything!

After seeing the Taj Mahal it seems like everything in India might pale in comparison, however everything continued to leave us in awe after we left Agra! We took a bus for the five-hour journey to Jaipur, entering into the state of Rajasthan.

After lunch and a quick rest in our hotel, we jumped into tuk tuks and headed into the old city centre of Jaipur to explore the markets. The above photo shows just how crazy the roads were, with pigs blocking the way!

The buildings were wonderful in a kind of old, beautiful way. They used to be all painted pink through natural colouring, however these days they tend to be more orange and clay coloured.

Our tour guide led us up onto a rooftop for a view of the market, and the Amber Fort off on a hill top in the distance! And of course, chai.

We explored for awhile longer. The markets included everything one could possibly need, from clothes, to spices, fruits and vegetables, ropes, ladders, etc etc.

Our tour guide pointed us in the direction of what was allegedly the ‘best lassi shop’ in the city. I obliged, and tried out a fresh banana lassi, which was admittedly quite good. The drinks were served in traditional clay cups, which our guide told us were used only once, before being broken down and remade into cups again.

That night most of the tour group went to see a Bollywood movie, but Chris and I chose to take a walk instead and enjoyed a quite dinner on a rooftop restaurant, before heading to bed at some ridiculously early hour!

The next morning we were up bright and early to head off for a day of sightseeing! Our first stop was the Wind Palace, which we quickly found out is not really a palace, but rather a large screen wall that was designed so that royal women could sit behind it and observe what was happening on the street!

I will continue the rest of our sightseeing day in another post, and it seems I took far more photos of the Amber Palace than I anticipated. Which appears to be a running theme for my travels…

– Reanna



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