SPRING RACING // Yarra Glen, Australia

Yes, another sporting public holidays for Victorians. Despite the weather not boding well, Chris and I took advantage of another day off and headed out to the Yarra Glen Melbourne Cup Races. This is actually the same race racecourse we visited a few weeks back for the Great Southern Beer & Cider Festival!

Neither of us care too much for racing, despite never having really been before. We thought it might be a bit of fun to dress up and have a picnic at the racecourse (the benefit of country races). Yarra Glen is a bit over an hour out of Melbourne via public transport, which made it fairly accessible.

The weather looked ominous most of the day, as rain was forecast. Thankfully we managed to stay quite dry!

An elusive couple photo appears.

The races themselves were not terribly exciting – I have mixed feelings about the whole industry that we reinforced by this, but this is not the space to go into such views!

For Chris and I the highlight of the day was people watching, a bit of an immersive cultural experience, if you will. Oh, and seeing an elderly gentleman absolutely destroy the much younger field of men in ‘Fashions on the Field’. He spent at least ten minutes killing it in front of a camera after being crowned the winner.

An interesting, and cold, day.

– Reanna



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