MEDIOCRE VIEWS // Cathedral Ranges, Australia

This has taken far longer than anticipated, but here is the final post of our Grand Final long weekend getaway. Life has gotten in the way a bit lately, but for good reason – I submitted my honours thesis last Thursday! I still have another assignment due at the end of October, but I am still thoroughly enjoying the sense of sweet relief after submitting something I had spent the most part of a year working on. Finishing university also means we are one step closer to holidays (less than a month?!) – so watch this space.

On the Sunday we woke up rather sore, tired and cold due to our poor planning in terms of bedding. Turns out it is freezing cold overnight in the Cathedral Ranges, and we learnt the hard way. Not to be deterred, we set off relatively early for a morning hike. We were mildly concerned (and also excited at the prospect of goats) by the above sign, but once we double checked the dates we felt a bit better.

There are a number of tracks across the Cathedral Ranges, so one could easily spend a day or two exploring. Heading off from our campsite at Cooks Mill, we walked up to Jawbone Carpark, before taking the rather steep Jawbone Track up to the ranges. From there, we turned right and detoured up to North Jawbone.

As you can tell, the views were terrible.

If we had turned left at the top of the Jawbone Track we would have gone along the ridge to the right of the above photo, visiting South Jawbone and Sugarloaf Peak. Next time!

After returning down from North Jawbone, we continued along the ridge (I think!) to Cathedral Peak. This took a couple of hours, and the ‘track’ was really the rocky ridgeline of the Ranges. It involved carefully clambering and jumping over rocks, looking out for the odd orange arrow to guide you. Despite having a drop on either side of you, the views were absolutely amazing.

We eventually reached Cathedral Peak, and enjoyed sitting down and taking in the views.

The above photo is looking back along the ridge from where we had come. Quite the journey!

We took a different route back, passing by Ned’s Gully campsite and taking a track along Little River to return to Cook’s Mill. Just in case we hadn’t had enough fun with flooded tracks the day before, we were treated to more muddy and wet misadventures. It is safe to say I was covered in cuts, bruises and the like from detouring through the bush to avoid the waterlogged tracks by the end! All in good fun though.

All in all, the Cathedral Ranges was beautiful! Only being two hours from Melbourne it is a perfect weekend getaway, and with so many tracks to explore we will definitely be back to take on Sugarloak Peak.

– Reanna


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