“FRIENDS” NATURE WALK // Cathedral Ranges, Australia

Our luck with the weather only lasted so long, and we were hardly surprised when we woke up (mildly worse for wear) on Saturday morning to rain. We took it upon ourselves to have a slow morning, enjoying breakfast at a cute little Italian cafe and lounging around our Airbnb reading.

We had zero plans for Saturday, with the only goal of reaching our campsite at the Cathedral Ranges before the sun went down. But the rain kept on coming, and whilst we were eating lunch in Marysville we began seriously investigating our options of checking into a local pub to bunker down and watch the Grand Final. I was reluctant to give up on camping, given we had filled our car up with all our gear. By the time we had finished lunch, the rain had begun to let up and we decided to bite the bullet and try our chances camping!

The Maroondah Reservoir, just out of Healesville. In classic me fashion I pulled the car over when I saw the words ‘scenic look out’.

Given it was a long weekend, the Cooks Mill campsite was already quite busy when we arrived. Thankfully the rain held off whilst we pitched our tent and took in our peaceful – and wet – surroundings. The nearby river was roaring, as you can see below!

In need of a walk, we followed the signs for what appeared to be a small circuit called “Friends Nature Trail”. The start of the track bypassed the remains of Cooks Mill, in all its rusted glory.

We had only been walking for about five minutes when we discovered that parts of the track with slightly flooded. Given we were both wearing ‘waterproof’ boots (i.e. my 8 year old Dr Martins), we persevered.

We crossed rivers at various times, and the water was absolutely raging beneath us.

Annnnd then it got progressively worse. Through a combination of stubbornness and being too lazy to go back the way we had came, we continued on. Despite getting extremely wet feet we managed to navigate around a number of rather deep sections, and actually enjoy ourselves. Our methods included stepping on stones, jumping from side to side on the track, and bashing through the surrounding bush to join the trail later on. Towards to end we encountered a section so bad that we had to give up and wade through.

Screw you, “Friends” Nature Trail.

We had total camping envy for everyone else at the campsite, who had tents twice the size of ours and elaborate shelter set ups.

We currently lack a camping table, so I made good use of a giant tree stump and turned it into our camp kitchen. I then promptly destroyed our pot cooking Mexican beans for dinner. That’s what you get when you only paid $2.80 for it at Daiso!


Once we had warmed up again, we decided to try our luck at purchasing firewood from a nearby ‘town’ (i.e. a corner store). The local caravan park had plenty in supply, so we kept ourselves entertained (and warm) for the evening by tending to our little campfire.

Despite being incredibly wet, it was a lovely place to camp!

– Reanna


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