WEST SIDE // Melbourne, Australia

Despite officially being Spring in these parts, the sunny days remain few and far between. Every time we encounter blue skies and temperatures high enough to not justify a coat, Chris and I head out the door. Last weekend was such a day, and without much of a plan we spent our afternoon wandering over towards Footscray and Melbourne’s west.

Walking to Footscray from our home in North Melbourne involves winding through Kensington, one of our dream suburbs. I mean, city views, warehouses, cute cafes and terraces. What isn’t to love? The price tag perhaps.

After crossing the Maribrynong River we stumbled across the Heavenly Queen Temple. I had only previously seen it from a distance, so it was interesting to get a close look. Plus, it just made me all the more excited for my upcoming return to China!

The Maribrynong River is not the prettiest! Given the sunshine we weren’t too fussed though.

Footscray is an eclectic melting pot of Melbourne’s multicultural heritage, as well as being relatively up and coming in terms of development and cafes. We admired some local street art and wandered through the Footscray Market, which was as insane as you would imagine for a Saturday afternoon!

Our final destination was a brewery we had come across online earlier in the day, whilst searching for another brewery. Hop Nation is relatively new on the brewing scene, and has recently opened up a bar in the warehouse converted brewery! Located down the above street, it honestly could not have been more hipster Melbourne. But then a food truck pulled up out the front and it out-Melbourned itself.

Despite the over top Melbourne vibes, the place was fantastic and the beer delicious. It is days like this that make me truly appreciate living in this city. There is always something new to discover/eat/drink!

– Reanna


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