BAY TRAIL // Melbourne, Australia

Things have been rather uneventful around here lately, as life continues to rush by in a blur of work, class, assignments. Rinse and repeat. It is officially less than two months until I submit my last assignment, which is an incredibly exciting prospect. Fours years of university done, for now anyway.

I found myself in desperate need of some time outdoors today, something more than just a quick walk around the block or a ride into the city. After some vague online research, I decided to put aside study for the sake of some self care and rode down to St Kilda, where I jumped onto the Bay Trail.

The Bay Trail looked so familiar that it felt like I had ridden along parts of it recently, but the only time I can recall riding along it was when I was far younger.

The trail itself follows along Beach Road, which is incredibly popular among cyclists (i.e. my father and brother). I stuck to the shared bike path, as my cheap little bike wasn’t going to get me places quickly. The path meandered a bit closer to the coastline, offering great views and the opportunity for me to pull over frequently for photo stops.

I did have my camera, but I decided to try out my iPhone (yes, I finally return to the modern era). The photos came out alright, but I think I prefer the quality of my usual camera – some photos have come up quite dark! Despite how gloomy these photos look it was actually quite a pleasant mid-afternoon ride.

The trail was busy the entire way, with other cyclists, runners, walkers, and (much to my joy) numerous dogs. My latest obsession is deciding every second dog I see whilst out with Chris is the one we should adopt. Perhaps one day, when we don’t live an apartment…

I wasn’t quite sure how far I would end up riding, but the track was relatively flat and made for an easy journey. In the end I made it as as Mordialloc Beach, where I was able to jump on a train back to the CBD. Some other cyclists I had seen along my way made a similar move!

In the above photo you can see the far end of the Mornington Peninsula, where Rye and Sorrento are.

All up I clocked around 33kms, or so google tells me (sorry Dad, no Strava). To me, that seems like a very long ride, but to the true cyclists out there it is probably a walk in the park. Admittedly, by the end of the afternoon I was pondering buying a proper road bike. Who knows, maybe I will be back soon to take on Beach Road like everyone else!

– Reanna


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