ADVENTURE TIME? // Hobart, Australia

The second item on our itinerary for our weekend in Hobart was to head up to Mount Wellington – the mountain that I took a million photos of over the weekend as you could see it from basically everywhere in Hobart.

After some online research and asking our Airbnb host for advice, we decided to catch a local bus (one of what seemed to be about 5 bus lines in Hobart, that ran 4 times on Sunday!) to Fern Tree. From there, the plan was to hike the 5-6kms to the top. My naive look at google maps had suggested this might take a bit over an hour.

The first part of our walk was relatively easy, and took us past Silver Falls. It was absolutely freezing, so we were both rugged up. Once we hit the falls, the tracked became much narrower and steeper, and not to mention extremely muddy. Before long we were both sweating and pulling off all our winter layers.

From afar, the summit was clouded over, however they quickly lifted as we made our way further up.

There only appeared to be a little bit of snow on the summit from a distance, but an hour into our walk patches began to appear around the track. I was terribly excited, but the novelty soon wore off as the track became increasingly covered in snow. Our pace became even slower, as we were only wearing runners and the snow was incredibly slippery!

Despite being incredibly difficult hiking up a steep track covered in snow, it was absolutely beautiful and the views were stunning. It made the frequent stops to catch our breath all the more worth it.

The final hundred metres to the summit seemed to do on forever, as the steps were buried under snow and Chris and I were both absolutely exhausted after what ended up being a solid two hour uphill hike. Once we finally arrived at the summit, we were instantly battered with strong winds and a 10 degree temperature drop. I had never been so thankful for an enclosed viewing platform!

We caught our breath indoors and enjoyed the views (from sitting/collapsing on the benches). No sooner has we arrived did the weather turn and it began snowing!

Our plans to hike down has long since disappeared, but as luck would have it a mini bus running from the information centre in Hobart arrived at the right time, and the driver was happy to take us back down to the city (for a $10 – I think it was this tour company). Chris and I could not have been more relieved for the ride. The driver informed us that the outside temperature was 0 degree celcius, and the wind chill factor made it feel like -9 degrees!

We were dropped back in the CBD, and our first mission was to hunt down ramen to nourish our souls.

The next hour or so we spend wondering around the city, as we had yet to actually check it out properly in daylight. We didn’t venture far, eventually defrosting again with coffee at the IXL Factory.

As we walked past the docks, Chris pointed out a giant orange ship marked the ‘Aurora Australis’. I had completely missed it yesterday, but it is Australia’s icebreaker for Antarctic missions!

Both of us were on the verge of falling over to sleep, so we made our way back to our accommodation in South Hobart (we were staying right next to the Rivulet, which you can see above!). Our host had been so kind as to allow us a late check out due to a late flight, so we made the most of the in house Netflix and had a wild afternoon of watching Harry Potter.

Despite being freezing cold, it was a perfect little last minute weekend away in Hobart! I am so grateful that Chris and I have these opportunities to travel, and every time we do it inspires me to make the effort to see even more of this world. Though realistically, I should probably be bunkering down to finish my honours degree by October. One needs regular breaks though, right?

– Reanna


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