ACROSS THE DITCH // Hobart, Australia

In what could possibly be one of our more last minute endeavours, Chris and I have just returned from a wonderful little weekend away in Hobart, Tasmania. Slightly over a week ago Chris suggested we go away somewhere as he was planning on taking the Friday off work. 48 hours of googling, checking skyscanner, and organising our schedules later, we had booked ourselves flights to Hobart!

The flight itself takes around an hour, so it is the perfect distance for a whirlwind weekend trip (though we have previously squeezed in Perth, which is a four hour flight!). We headed off on Friday afternoon, and arrived with enough time to check in to our Airbnb and wander back into the CBD for dinner.

After breakfast on Saturday we wandered back into the city to have a quick look at Salamanca Market. However, we didn’t have much time as our main plan for Saturday was to check out MONA, the famed Museum of Old and New Art. Whilst accessible by bus or car, the most popular way to the Museum is by the Mona Roma ferry, which can be caught near the Salamanca precinct of the city.

The ferry (the interior of which you can see above!) takes just under half an hour, and turned out to be a fantastic way to see the beautiful surrounds of Hobart. We were treated to beautiful blue skies, so I occupied myself running around taking photos for most of the journey.

I love how everywhere you are in Hobart you can catch a glimpse of Mt Wellington.

I had forgotten how beautiful Hobart is as a city, if you can call it that. With a population of somewhere over 200,000 it feels a bit like a large country town after living in Melbourne!

We had caught the earliest ferry, so were some of the first people to enter MONA for the day when we arrived. I had no idea what to expect from the museum, other than Chris mentioning he had read somewhere online that we were in for a lot of sex, blood and penises. Whilst MONA certainly lived up to Chris’ warning, the museum utterly exceeded my expectations. Sure, I am not much of an art afficianado, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and walking around the building itself was half of the fun. The interactivity of the ipods visitors are given (as an alternative to information posters beside each piece of art) was a fantastic initiative.

We emerged from the basements of MONA after a couple of hours, and enjoyed basking in the sunshine and taking in some fantastic views of Hobart.

We had lunch at the onsite winebar, before heading to the cellar door to sample beer from an onsite brewery.

Don’t let the blue skies deceive you, it was actually freezing cold! I spent most of the weekend rugged up in a beanie and gloves. It certainly took me back to winter gear being an everyday occurrence in European winter!

The ferry was a return ticket, so we enjoyed another scenic trip back along the Derwent River to the CBD. The remainder of our afternoon was blissfully chilled out, as we hung around our wonderful little Airbnb flat. Having wonderful accommodation meant we didn’t feel as inclined to run around seeing sights, as the place was just as lovely.

Anyone else a fan of Airbnb? I have had quite a few experiences now, and some of them have been absolutely fantastic.

– Reanna


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