BACK TO WINTER // Kuranda, Australia

At last, my Cairns photos are coming to an end!

Our second night in our beloved little campervan (two nights in it and we basically decided to buy one) was spend in Port Douglas, where we awoke to cloudy weather and threatening rain. The views of the beach were less than stellar!

We took the long route back to Cairns, driving through more winding rainforests, the dry tablelands, and finally down into Kuranda. The sun had started to emerge slightly by time we arrived at Barron Falls. As per usual, terrible views!

Another kilometre or so along the road we found another lookout, this time offering views back down into Cairns.

We had a quick walk around Kuranda and the famous local markets, before jumping back in our campervan for the final drive down into Cairns. Our last night in Cairns was spent soaking up the last of our warm weather, and walking along the esplanade.

All in all, a perfect little trip! We had a pretty busy schedule, but it was also relaxing to disconnect from work, university and computers in general for awhile. Thank you, sunny Queensland!

– Reanna


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