TARZAN & JANE // Cape Tribulation & the Daintree, Australia

I guess we were pretty lucky with the weather whilst in Queensland. Our first few days were perfect, but the weekend weather forecast featured ominous looking rain clouds. Walking along the beach at Cape Tribulation in the early morning certainly made the weather forecast seem pretty accurate.

Rain kept threatening to set in, but we still enjoyed walking along the empty beach. Cape Tribulation truly is so beautiful and remote.

After packing up our van we drove into the town of Cape Tribulation itself to a look out, offering views over the official Cape Tribulation beach. And look! Blue sky!

The forest comes right up to the beach, which is completely different to the sand dunes I am used to surrounding the beaches I have visited in Victoria.

After that it was back in the van and on the road south again. We stopped at a number of short walks that dot the road between the Daintree River and Cape Tribulation. This area of the forest felt a bit more tropical than Mossman, but it was still just as spectacular. We even came across some local wildlife, including a wild pig/boar (plus piglets), a snake lurking ominously in a creek, and a spider the size of my face hanging out in front of a toilet block (I did not go to the toilet).

This forest is insane.

We stopped at a tea plantation on our travels. The farm itself isn’t open, but there is a little information shack about the history of tea in the area. Plus, you could even buy a box of the tea for a $4 honesty box fee! We happily bought a pack, and found it for sale later on in an information centre for over $8!

The day had definitely cleared up by the time we reached Cow Bay. These beaches never end!

Classic Queensland.

We skipped the main tourist centre, after arriving and finding it a) packed, and b) overpriced for what we had essentially been doing for free all day. However, we did stop for local icecream, sampling the ‘Daintree’ flavour. Despite being a funky green colour it was pretty damn good.

It also seemed that every property along the road had an honesty stall full of local fruit! I thought they were fantastic and grabbed some bananas for 40c each. They also often featured papaya, oranges, and sugar bananas.

We made a stop in the town of Daintree itself after catching the ferry back across the river, before hitting the highway to Port Douglas. As luck would have it, an international Ironman competition was on that day, and with the cycling leg running between Cairns and Port Douglas we had to navigate a few detours. But we made it easily enough, and with enough sunshine left to have a quick swim in the beach. And then of course it rained as soon as we got out!

– Reanna



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