ART OR SOMETHING // Melbourne, Australia

Colder weather sadly means weekend hikes are becoming less appealing, much to my dismay. Sure, we could still hike in the rain and freezing winds, but I am honestly not that much of an adventurer! As such, Chris and I are on the hunt for weekend activities that allow us to get out of the house in this colder weather.

Last weekend we drove out to the Heide Museum of Modern Art. I didn’t even know Melbourne had such a museum until Chris commented he saw a sign for it one day. We put it on our list of ‘we-will-visit-it-one-day-maybe-eventually’ places, and promptly forgot about it.

We knew next to nothing about the museum, not to mention we are not particularly artistically inclined (i.e. completely ignorant). However we were able to happily spend two hours wandering around the various exhibitions and grounds. None of the exhibitions in particular grabbed my attention, but more of my attention was drawn to the grounds (the Heide is nestled near the Yarra parklands) and the buildings. The Heide is spread across three buildings that were built and lived in by the original owners. The pink house above is the very first house that was on the property, whereas the buildings Heide II and III were modern, grey buildings. I enjoyed looking around Heide II in particular, with all its minimalist nooks and crannies.

The grounds surrounding the museum must be the perfect place to explore in summer. As well as just being generally beautiful and lush, the grounds are also dotted with various artworks and sculptures, as well as the odd napping couple and picnicking family.

Another small Melbourne experience ticked off our exploration list! It is always fantastic to discover something new about this city.

– Reanna


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