WEEKENDING // Nyerimilang Heritage Park, Australia

I know was just ranting about how awesome weekends being an actual ‘thing’ were the other day (well, as much of a thing as they can be for a student who still should probably be studying), but the novelty has yet to wear off.

Chris and I zipped down to Lakes Entrance this weekend just gone to visit my dad for his fiftieth birthday. The weather was absolutely perfect, much warmer than it rightly should be for May in Victoria. I even regretted packing only jeans! Sure, it is probably a sign of global warming ruining the earth, but we still enjoyed the weather.

Seeing as I have probably already photographed every photographable piece of Lakes Entrance, I saved my camera for a quick trip Chris and I took to the nearby Nyerimilang Heritage Park. I only chanced upon this place by noticing the sign as we drove past and asking my dad about it.

We only ended up having half an hour to walk around, as a result of a) the first road we followed there was closed so we had to take an extended detour, and b) our coffee took to long to come at a cafe (such a first world problem, I know). We also had plans to meet my family for lunch before heading back to the city. Half an hour was not enough time, but we enjoyed looking around the old homestead grounds and walking along the cliff top trail.

The trail had some pretty spectacular views of the lakes below. It would be fantastic to hire a boat one day and check out all the islands. Or maybe I could convince my dad to by one seeing as he is now a local?

You could investigate the various buildings around the property, however we skipped these in favour of soaking up the sun.

These next two photos are from Lindenow, a small country village with little more than a pub and a cafe. The pub – randomly an Irish one – was our destination for lunch. Whilst the lunch left more to be desired, the town made up for it with these beautiful views of the surrounds.

It also appears that the paddocks were full of cauliflower!

– Reanna


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