Two weekends away in a row? I can hardly believe it myself, but needless to say I am looking forward to spending this upcoming (long!) weekend at home. There is a lot of study to catch up on…

These few photos are from a quick trip Chris and I took to stay with his family in a rental house in Rye. The weather was certainly not up to the hot Summer days we had earlier in the year when we were down on the Mornington Peninsula in Sorrento! This weekend was more about relaxing and catching up (and shopping), so the only photos I took were when Chris and I wandered down the main jetty after lunch.

Despite the gloomy and cold weather, there was actually a large group of scuba divers under the jetty. We were happy to watch, keeping ourselves warm and dry!

I honestly thought I took more than five photos, but apparently I was too busy eating cheese all weekend to take a photo of anything else!

Chris and I are beginning to work on booking a short overseas holiday mid year, which I cannot contain my excitement for. I haven’t been overseas since I went to China last July, and I am getting the itch to go again! Bali might be on the cards, due to its accessibility and cheap flights. Perhaps I will finally have something a bit more exciting to post!

– Reanna


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