IS THIS ADULTHOOD? // Perth, Australia

I don’t think I have had such a whirlwind weekend since the days of three day trips to other countries to meet Chris in Europe. Sure, it is tiring and you spend a lot of time traveling, but it is also somewhat fun hightailing off somewhere for a short amount of time.

This past weekend Chris and I flew over to Perth for two nights for a wedding. Chris’ cousin had invited us a few months earlier, but we were initially unsure about attending due to Chris generally working weekends. Fast forward a few months and Chris has a full time job (with weekends and office hours and all!) so we booked our flights and jetted off on a Friday afternoon. I kept saying it felt like we were real ‘adults’ flying off interstate for a weekend wedding. Even though we have technically been ‘adults’ for five years…

Perth is two hours behind Melbourne, so we ended up arriving at 5:30pm Perth time. We were tired and hungry, so we checked in to our hotel before eating dinner at the first half decent restaurant we saw. Actually, it looked pretty dismal, but the food was delicious, fresh and quick so we didn’t complain. Afterwards it was a quick walk around the all too quiet CBD before heading to bed. The next morning we set about for more walking. We passed the Perth Mint (above) on our travels. But seeing as it was about 8am in the morning, it was certainly not open!

We only had a few hours in the morning before we had to head off to the wedding, so we entertained ourselves walking around the city. I dragged Chris through London Court, having remembered it from a trip to Perth a few years previously.

Next we walked down around the water. The weather looked ominous, but the rain held off enough for us to enjoy walking around the Bell Tower and some city views.

Being from Melbourne, we found the CBD to be very small, and quiet! Opening hours are regulated by the government in the city, which we found strange compared to Melbourne’s 24/7 lifestyle.

The wedding itself was actually in Bunbury (or more precisely, Australind, a suburb of Bunbury), about two hours south of Perth. We hired a car with Chris’ sister and partner, which worked out a lot easier than public transport. I took approximately zero photos of the wedding and the area, so enjoy the above photo of the view out of our accommodation at the reception venue. We were upgraded from a studio suite to a two-bedroom suite! Excessive for the two of us for our one night stay, but totally a novelty.

The reception was at a local golf course, which provided for a nice walk in the morning before we jumped back in the car to return to Perth.

I entertained myself on the car trip home by trying to take photos of the aftermath of recent bush fires in the area.

Seeing as Chris and I had a return flight home that evening, we took the afternoon pretty easy by heading out to Cottesloe for lunch. We followed a recommendation to the local pub, which provided delicious lunch and nice views of the beach, before discovering the giant beer garden out the back. I would have happily stayed there rather than endure the flight back home (flight anxiety is so much fun for all parties involved).

Overall, a quick and busy trip, with not much sightseeing. But it was fun to travel over the weekend! Now that we have done it, it is exciting to think of all the other trips we could have over weekends. Tasmania, Adelaide, camping. The possibilities are endless, though Chris and I have the tendency to talk about doing these things and never following through! Not to mention study is still an all too real reality on my end. We shall see!

Any good ideas for weekend trips from Melbourne?

– Reanna.


6 thoughts on “IS THIS ADULTHOOD? // Perth, Australia

  1. I’d go anywhere Reanna especially if I had more $$$. Perth’s great, I haven’t been for years but I remember thinking it felt more like a country town than a capital city. So where are you going next?


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