LONG TIME COMING // Melbourne, Australia

Well this has been quite the extended hiatus. As my luck would have it – conveniently at the beginning of what everyone tells me will be my hardest year at university – my dear old Macbook has given up on life. To make matters even worse, this happened about three years and one month after I purchased it, so my Apple Care had just expired. Sure, my Macbook still turns on, but it crashes constantly. Thankfully all my university work is on Dropbox, and I can use Chris’ computer in the mean time. Stupidly I uploaded the photos for this post onto my Macbook, and then it crashed (again) so I have been putting off trying to get them back for a couple of weeks now. I managed to scrounge a few off yesterday in the two minutes my computer stayed on!

Luckily the photos weren’t overly exciting – they are from the open day of the Victorian State Parliament House. Despite having lived in Victoria my entire life, I had never gotten around to visiting parliament (I missed Grade 5 Camp). I have been mentioning to Chris over our years living in Melbourne that we really ought to visit, then as our luck would have it we found out about the open day they day before it was on.

It was a hot day, and the building was absolutely packed with other tourists. I imagine it would be much nicer to visit on a private tour, but we made do with following the crowds and desperately trying take photos that didn’t include other people taking photos! Selfie sticks were not seen.

Possibly my favourite room in the building was the library, but unfortunately I seem to have lost all of those photos. It was one of the more crowded rooms, but there is something about perfectly organised books in a grand room that really appeals to me.

The main building was quite grand (always great to see where tax payer money goes), however as we followed the stairs down the basement we found the MP offices continued. Again, I lost those photos, but it was quite odd going from regal wooden doors to modern glass ones in the dank old basement. I wonder how they decide who gets an office where…

The gardens of Parliament were also quite beautiful, but you guessed it, I lost the photos.

Things are certainly gearing up in terms of university around here, and we have a few weekends away lined up. We are off the Perth next weekend for a whirlwind three days. I feel very ‘adult’ flying interstate for a wedding, if that is such a thing!

Today’s lesson: fix my computer.

– Reanna


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