FIVE YEARS // Daylesford, Australia

February always seems to fly by in a whirlwind of celebrations, with birthdays, Valentine’s Day, O-Week and Chris and my anniversary. This year was certainly no different, though we did have the added bonus of having to work around Chris now being a full time work. It is somewhat fun working out a new routine in life now that Chris is not working irregular hours. We also actually get weekends together now, something previously unheard of.

Our anniversary fell on a weekend this year, so we decided to treat ourselves to a quick weekend trip out of the city. Wine tours were on our mind, and considering we had previously visited the Yarra Valley we decided to head north to Daylesford. We found a package deal and stayed at the wonderful Grande Hotel in Hepburn Springs (which is basically Daylesford).

The deal included a half day tour with Daylesford Wine Tours. We were picked up from our accommodation and taken with to two wineries, and cidery and liquor store. Our tour guide was great, and he had a beautiful dog who dutifully sat in the front seat of the van. The above photo is from the cidery, which was absolutely beautiful – both in terms of location and beverages!

These snaps are from the second winery we went to. As you can see we were treated to perfect weather!

We bought a bottle from this winery, which I am sure we will enjoy later down the track!

Our final stop was a quirky liquor store featuring a range of herbal liquors that claim to fix every ailment, from sleeping to digestion. It was interesting to say the least!

We needed a quick walk before dinner, so after being dropped back at our hotel we walked down to the mineral springs. I bought along my drink bottle so we could try out some of the water. Despite all the claims of mineral waters goodness, it tasted disgusting!

This was our view from our delicious dinner!

The next morning we took a walk around Hepburn Springs, and found our way down to the old local swimming pool. Not as inviting as it used to be.

Our afternoon was spent checking out the local market, the overwhelming vintage Mills Market, and wandering around the local lake.

We made a final stop to Trentham Falls on the way home. Unfortunately they weren’t at their full glory due to Summer, but the rock face was still spectacular. You can’t really see in this photo, but there were some teenagers wandering around the top of the falls. I am fairly sure I was feeling more anxious watching them then their mother who was at the lookout where we were!

It was a lovely weekend, and a perfect way to celebrate five years together. Here’s to many more adventures together!

– Reanna


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