ANOTHER BEACH // Sorrento, Australia

I suppose a benefit of not rushing around on holidays all the time (as lovely as such a lifestyle would be!) is that I don’t have to rush to catch up with all my photos. These photos are from a camping trip Chris and I took to Sorrento over two weeks ago now. Admittedly they have been sitting uploaded in the drafts folder for over a week, but life got in the way.

We drove down to Sorrento on Friday afternoon, once I knocked off work. Unfortunately it was pretty busy in places, making the trip drag on a bit longer than it was meant to. Friday night was pretty uneventful, as we had to be up early on Saturday morning to get to the Peninsula Hot Springs. The springs were only about 15 minutes up the road from Sorrento, and it was a lot cheaper than I anticipated! We prebooked our tickets online, and it was $10 cheaper each if you bought entry before 9am. We stayed there for a bit over two hours, and by the time we left it was getting insanely busy. It was really enjoyable though, and a truly beautiful location. Unfortunately you weren’t meant to take many photos as it would be invading the privacy of others, so all I managed were these few snaps!

The above photo is the view from our campsite! It is kind of a long story, but when we arrived to the camping area on Friday night we found a swag and stove set up on our site. After calling the park management we eventually negotiated use of the ’emergency’ campsite. Considering our first campsite was literally a patch of dirt near the main road, we were happy to stay at the new campsite when we discovered  the beach views!

After the springs on Saturday we walking along the beach to the main street for lunch. Sorrento is one of the beach towns along the Mornington Peninsula that seem to be swarming with holiday makers all Summer. You can see why, with beaches like this!

In the afternoon we drove a little bit further down the peninsula to Point Nepean. Due to poor planning we arrived at the hottest part of the day, so we only spent a short amount of time walking around. Plus the walk to the end was a lot longer than we thought!

But this holiday was about relaxing, so we made do with a few short walks and took in the beautiful views!

Point Nepean is home to an old defensive facility called Fort Nepean, which makes for some eerie looking old buildings. What’s more, a large portion of the park is fenced off due to ‘unexploded bombs’, or something of the like. All the more reason to stick to the tracks!

It was fun to actually go camping – this was only the second time we had used our $20 Kmart tent in the two years or so we have had it. Chris received a camping stove and a few other bits and pieces for Christmas, so we are getting quite the collection of camping equipment. My next request is a lilo or camping matress, as our this foam mats (also from Kmart) don’t really cut it!

– Reanna


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