THE OTHER SIDE // Williamstown, Australia

I always think of any part of the city I am not familiar with as being on ‘the other side’, as it seems a far off, unknown place. In reality, nothing is really that far away in Melbourne. And Williamstown is actually on ‘my side’ of the CBD. But I digress.


You must be thinking, “Yarraville? But you just said Williamstown”. I know. My life is a bit all over the shop at the moment so I would not be offended by the suggestion that I am indeed going mildly insane at the moment. Chris and I rode our bikes to Williamstown, and we stopped off at Yarraville on the way for coffee. This mural merely caught my attention!



We had actually been to Williamstown before, once for a breakfast trip and another time for gelati on the beach with a friend. Neither trip involved a great deal of exploring, and given the nice weather at the moment we decided it seemed like a good opportunity to hit the road with out bikes and a picnic lunch.



The ride to Williamstown was quite easy going. We did have to spend a little bit of time on main roads, but for the most part we were on relatively flat and quiet bike paths. We ate our picnic in a park by the docks upon arriving, before heading off on some guided walks provided to us by the information centre.




Williamstown is one of the older regions of Melbourne, with a great deal of the shops on the main street being housed in historical buildings. The pamphlets for the guided walks alluded to some of the area’s history, but we ended up just following the suggested paths and taking in the feel of the area.


One of the last stops was the Williamstown Botanical Gardens. Not quite as big as the gardens in the CBD (actually nowhere near as big!) but beautiful nonetheless.



By the time we reached the beach we were exhausted from all our bike riding and walking, so we caught the train back home. If it weren’t for my pale skin and sunscreen allergy (such a fabulous combination) we might have stayed a bit longer and lay out on the beach. Williamstown certainly is a beautiful area of the city.

I actually have quite a few more posts of photos to come. My erratic schedule has meant I have been a bit slack on organising them!

– Reanna


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