ANOTHER BEACH // Sorrento, Australia

I suppose a benefit of not rushing around on holidays all the time (as lovely as such a lifestyle would be!) is that I don’t have to rush to catch up with all my photos. These photos are from a camping trip Chris and I took to Sorrento over two weeks ago now. Admittedly they have been sitting uploaded in the drafts folder for over a week, but life got in the way.

We drove down to Sorrento on Friday afternoon, once I knocked off work. Unfortunately it was pretty busy in places, making the trip drag on a bit longer than it was meant to. Friday night was pretty uneventful, as we had to be up early on Saturday morning to get to the Peninsula Hot Springs. The springs were only about 15 minutes up the road from Sorrento, and it was a lot cheaper than I anticipated! We prebooked our tickets online, and it was $10 cheaper each if you bought entry before 9am. We stayed there for a bit over two hours, and by the time we left it was getting insanely busy. It was really enjoyable though, and a truly beautiful location. Unfortunately you weren’t meant to take many photos as it would be invading the privacy of others, so all I managed were these few snaps!

The above photo is the view from our campsite! It is kind of a long story, but when we arrived to the camping area on Friday night we found a swag and stove set up on our site. After calling the park management we eventually negotiated use of the ’emergency’ campsite. Considering our first campsite was literally a patch of dirt near the main road, we were happy to stay at the new campsite when we discovered  the beach views!

After the springs on Saturday we walking along the beach to the main street for lunch. Sorrento is one of the beach towns along the Mornington Peninsula that seem to be swarming with holiday makers all Summer. You can see why, with beaches like this!

In the afternoon we drove a little bit further down the peninsula to Point Nepean. Due to poor planning we arrived at the hottest part of the day, so we only spent a short amount of time walking around. Plus the walk to the end was a lot longer than we thought!

But this holiday was about relaxing, so we made do with a few short walks and took in the beautiful views!

Point Nepean is home to an old defensive facility called Fort Nepean, which makes for some eerie looking old buildings. What’s more, a large portion of the park is fenced off due to ‘unexploded bombs’, or something of the like. All the more reason to stick to the tracks!

It was fun to actually go camping – this was only the second time we had used our $20 Kmart tent in the two years or so we have had it. Chris received a camping stove and a few other bits and pieces for Christmas, so we are getting quite the collection of camping equipment. My next request is a lilo or camping matress, as our this foam mats (also from Kmart) don’t really cut it!

– Reanna


ONE YEAR AGO // Anywhere & Everywhere

Facebook’s constant reminders of ‘memories’ from the past (ie. horrible statuses and photos from my teenage years that I immediately remind Facebook I never want to see again) actually caught my attention the other day. A photo I took of Chris on the beach at Inverloch popped up, serving to remind me that it has been a year since we got back. A whole year. Part of me feels like Europe was just the other day, whilst another feels like it was eons ago. This, coupled with massive urges to travel again from seeing another friends photos of European travels, has inspired me to take a trip down memory lane of my little Eurotrip.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The first photo I took in Munich, dazed and confused from my two long-haul flights from Melbourne.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

A selfie atop the Munich town hall, as evidence that I was, indeed, in Europe. Those jet lagged eyes…


Falling insanely in love with Luxembourg.


The beginning of my addiction to Sandeman’s New Europe walking tours in Brussels.


Riding bikes all day in Amsterdam.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Making it to Copenhagen despite hours of plane delays, and the pure delight of meeting Chris at the train station.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Finding a family friend in her native Hamburg.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Getting lost in history in Berlin, and starting to get the hang of traveling solo.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Prague! After all this time of planning, waiting, dreaming.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The most disorganised, but beautiful, hike of my like in the Czech countryside.


Meeting up with Chris in Geneva for very expensive fondue.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Battling tourists in Milan. And carbs. So many carbs.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Exploring more of the Czech Republic, including the beautiful Kutná Hora.


That time I hiked a mountain in the Czech countryside with no map.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The best weekend away with Chris in London.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Moving for the third time into my dingy little flat. Bedroom, study and kitchen in one.


Visiting Chris one last time in Copenhagen, and freezing to death whilst bike riding.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

My first snowfall abroad!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

A quick getaway to Stockholm with Chris, featuring a lot of mulled wine and Christmas cardigans.


Family and friends in Prague!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Leaving Prague for one last adventure before heading home – first stop, Paris!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Eating our weight in Tapas in Madrid, before falling into a feverish sickness for two days.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Morocco was a shock to the system, but Fez and Rabat were two of my absolute favourite places.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

A week in Italy, featuring Rome, Florence and Venice. And a lot of wine.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe light snowfall we woke up to on our last morning in Frankfurt, before the incredibly long journey home.

Summarising five odd months abroad in one post feels a bit crazy. I saw and experienced so much, met so many amazing and wonderful people, ate and drank too much, cried a lot, laughed even more, and ultimately developed exponentially from the experience. Sometimes I wish I could live it all again, go back to all the places I visited and see them in a different life. But traveling also showed me just how small the world is, how much more of it there is to see. And how grateful I am for the opportunity to do so.

– Reanna

THE OTHER SIDE // Williamstown, Australia

I always think of any part of the city I am not familiar with as being on ‘the other side’, as it seems a far off, unknown place. In reality, nothing is really that far away in Melbourne. And Williamstown is actually on ‘my side’ of the CBD. But I digress.


You must be thinking, “Yarraville? But you just said Williamstown”. I know. My life is a bit all over the shop at the moment so I would not be offended by the suggestion that I am indeed going mildly insane at the moment. Chris and I rode our bikes to Williamstown, and we stopped off at Yarraville on the way for coffee. This mural merely caught my attention!



We had actually been to Williamstown before, once for a breakfast trip and another time for gelati on the beach with a friend. Neither trip involved a great deal of exploring, and given the nice weather at the moment we decided it seemed like a good opportunity to hit the road with out bikes and a picnic lunch.



The ride to Williamstown was quite easy going. We did have to spend a little bit of time on main roads, but for the most part we were on relatively flat and quiet bike paths. We ate our picnic in a park by the docks upon arriving, before heading off on some guided walks provided to us by the information centre.




Williamstown is one of the older regions of Melbourne, with a great deal of the shops on the main street being housed in historical buildings. The pamphlets for the guided walks alluded to some of the area’s history, but we ended up just following the suggested paths and taking in the feel of the area.


One of the last stops was the Williamstown Botanical Gardens. Not quite as big as the gardens in the CBD (actually nowhere near as big!) but beautiful nonetheless.



By the time we reached the beach we were exhausted from all our bike riding and walking, so we caught the train back home. If it weren’t for my pale skin and sunscreen allergy (such a fabulous combination) we might have stayed a bit longer and lay out on the beach. Williamstown certainly is a beautiful area of the city.

I actually have quite a few more posts of photos to come. My erratic schedule has meant I have been a bit slack on organising them!

– Reanna