THE 25TH OF JANUARY // Mt Macedon, Australia

Today’s blog post title is inspired by the mixed feelings I have about Australia Day. But that is a whole other essay for a whole other time and place. This post is really about bushwalking on a (finally) nice summer day here down under.


Given that Chris and I spend our national holiday last year at the Colosseum, and later in a Scottish pub that decided to have Fosters and Vegemite sandwiches, spending the day at home was a bit more a novelty than usual. Plus, we could enjoy listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 at normal times. Hurrah!



We were planning a camping trip, but that ended up falling through/never getting planned, so we made do with going for a short day trip out to Mt Macedon. The drive was only about an hour, and took us through a few nice towns on our way up to the peak. We stopped in Macedon in hopes of coffee, but began to have second thoughts when we saw the size of the town. However, we chanced upon Mr. Cafe, a little gem of a coffee shop that could well have been in a hipster part of Melbourne!



As for Mt Macedon itself, we didn’t really know what to expect. You can drive all the way to the top, where there is a large car park, a picnic area and tea rooms. There was a short walk down to the memorial cross, as well as a longer trail network. After checking out the cross we followed the trails to Camel’s Hump – about 4.5kms one way – to check out some more views. The track was pretty easy, and it was quite busy. Apparently Mt Macedon is quite the place for trail running!



Hanging Rock is meant to be down there somewhere, but we couldn’t see it!


We packed a picnic lunch to eat upon our return, by which time the car park was full. Apparently everyone had decided Mt Macedon was the perfect place for a picnic on the public holiday!

It was a lovely day, and a perfect road trip from Melbourne. We were only there for a few hours, but you could make a longer day trip by driving down to Hanging Rock as well. I haven’t actually been to Hanging Rock yet, as the one day Chris and I went was on New Years Day a few years back, one of the days it is closed for a horse racing carnival! Just our luck.

– Reanna


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