SEACHANGE // East Gippsland, Australia

And a pleasant seachange it was! Despite my schedule being pretty low key at the moment (i.e. basically non existent) it was nice to have a break from the insanity of the city and home. Not that Lakes Entrance during the holiday period is exactly ‘quiet’, but you get what I mean.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The weather during my first few days down at Dad’s house was the opposite of what I had hoped for – rain. My dreams of frolicking in the shallows for fear of stingrays ocean and reading on the beach were quickly shattered. However I still made do with a few drizzly walks along the beach. I even saw a seal running (or whatever it is seals do on land) across the sand so I guess that kind of makes up for it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



The weather eventually did clear up, and just in time for Chris’ arrival. We made the most of the sunshine and had a small trip up to Orbost to see my dad’s new work, before driving on to Marlo and a few other coastal locations. The views here were pretty spot on, and you can see where the Snowy River runs out into the ocean. I actually stayed in Marlo when I was younger and have fond memories of spending the days boating around the inlet. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



Our nest stop was Cape Conran, again another place I had visited when I was younger (though on a different trip). We left our shoes in the car, unsure whether we would do much more than wander along the beach. However we ended up clambering over rocks and following a track along the coast to a few more beaches! Thankfully we managed the journey with our feet intact.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


This stretch was admittedly a struggle in bare feet, though I think clambering across rotting seaweed took the cake.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



We decided to stop in a deserted and rocky area, and enjoyed the sunshine (as much as one can under multiple layers of sunscreen, whilst also nursing fresh sunburn from the day before – totally not me).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The final stop, recommended by Dad, was Cabbage Tree Palms. Dad had never been so we had no idea what to expect. After following some narrow dirt roads we came to an appropriately named carpark and went on what was meant to be a 15 minute walk. 5 minutes later the loop was done and we were back at our car! It was beautiful though. The walk is named after, funnily enough, the type of palm tree that was randomly growing in the forest.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDespite all we saw in that one day, there is plenty more to see and do in the area surrounding Lakes Entrance. I am already developing a bit of a list of what to see next time we go down to visit Dad.

I have also come to the conclusion that I am terribly at concluding blog posts. Do I ask questions? Make a joke? Just put a full stop and be done with it? I am still working it out after all this time. It seems I will forever be socially awkward both on and off line!

– Reanna


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