SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS // Melbourne, Australia

Well, technically this isn’t Christmas yet, but festivities are certainly gearing up around the city. In previous years I was heading towards the path of Christmas Grinch-ness, becoming disillusioned with the festive season and the consumerism that goes with it. However spending Christmas in Europe last year reinvigorated my childhood nostalgia! I have been trying to channel some of this ‘Christmas spirit’ again this year, so Chris and I decided to walk into the city a couple of nights ago to investigate Melbourne’s Christmas scene. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The main attraction is Christmas Square, where one can admire Christmas trees and get photos with Santa and all the usual fanfare. I was more interested in the appropriately festive yarn-bombed trees nearby. From Christmas Square we wandered on down Swanston Street, shaking our heads in disbelief at the insanely long lines to see the Christmas windows at Myer and the Gingerbread Village at the town hall. I was admittedly crushed we missed out on the Gingerbread Village, as we had previously seen it in 2012 and 2013, and I secretly loved it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Another key destination this year is a tree built entirely from Lego at Federation Square. Chris and I admitted this was pretty cool, whilst I was particularly intrigued that the tree was built by a real life certified ‘Master Builder’ of Lego. I thought that was just a thing from the Lego Movie (so good). Perhaps a back up plan if I flunk out of university? Oh, and I asked Chris to take a ridiculous photo of me in me ridiculous Christmas cardigan.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

PicMonkey Collage

On our way back home we stopped of again at the town hall to watch a Christmas light show on the building. Admittedly, pretty underwhelming. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



On a completely different tangent from Christmas, yesterday Chris and I got our ‘art people’ pants on and went to the Ian Potter Gallery, Hosier Lane, a pop up gallery at the Degraves Street Subway and NGV. So much art, such little knowledge. The highlight was of course Hosier Lane, which appropriately featured Star Wars artwork. We were off to see the movie in the afternoon (it was so good and I am not afraid to admit it).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The exhibition under Degraves Street is part of an underground arcade leading to Flinders Street station. The gallery space (old glass windows) changes a few times a year, and is currently showing varying artists interpretation of Christmas.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe arcade itself is an interesting space, a bit old and shabby but bustling as people run off to catch their trains.

I am definitely feeling nostalgic for European Christmas at the moment, however I am thankful to be able to spend this holiday season with my family in Australia.

– Reanna


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