STAY CLASSY // Melbourne, Australia

If I had a list of all the iconic Melbournian attractions that one should visit, it would be quite lengthy. The Shrine of Remembrance? Rooftop Cinema? Hopetoun Tea Rooms? None of the above. I only just ticked off Brighton Beach the other week! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Last Friday Chris and I took on one of the most touristy of such attractions – the Eureka Tower. You know, that tall tower with the glass elevator that comes out the side? It was not anything we had every really felt compelled to do, and any interest we had was quickly brushed aside by the price tag (forever cheap). However when Chris received an invite to the Faculty of Business and Economic graduation party, what won me over was the fact that the party was basically on the top of the Eureka Tower.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The party started at 7:30, but thanks to daylight savings it was still light when we arrived. We were pretty lucky in that sense, as we were able to see the city in daylight, during sunset and at night. Needless to say, the views were pretty spectacular. My photos unfortunately do not do it justice, due to the reflections on the windows! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The night itself was somewhat ‘classy’ in the sense that everyone was in their finest attire, and waiters walked around refilling our champagne and offering fancy canapés all night. The canapés were perhaps too fancy for my liking at times (caviar or raw meat? No thank you)!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Chris and I spent the whole night wandering to different positions around the bar, getting a 360 degree view of the city. Eventually we did succumb to part of the evenings ‘entertainment’, in the form of an instant photobooth and a machine that printed out your instagram photos. While it was a bit of fun, it did seem to detract from the atmosphere of the event a bit, as everyone spent half an hour perfecting a selfie and just as long waiting for all their photos to print out.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Night photos did not work at all on my camera! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere is the embarrassing evidence of our photo escapades. Chris thinks they are awful, but I think they are a bit of fun. It also emphasises our inability to take serious photos together!

All in all it was a fun evening, and far more enjoyable than some other university parties that I have attended (ie. clubbing). Despite my scepticism the Eureka Tower was definitely worth it, and I am glad we were able to spend a few hours up there. And what’s more, it was a wonderful to chance to celebrate and reminisce over the end of our undergraduate degrees!

– Reanna


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