PROBABLY SUNBURNT // Werribee Gorge State Park, Australia

‘Only a few more days’ is my current life mantra. This Thursday marks my final exam of the semester, and my final exam of my Bachelor of Arts! It is all a bit surreal, exciting and nerve wracking. Not the exams exactly – I feeling surprising at ease with those – but working out what to do from now.

But that’s a story for a whole other day! Today is all about these views that Chris and I saw today as we hiked around the Werribee Gorge State Park Circuit Trail. I had came across this hike before, but dismissed it upon reading the ‘hard’ rating (due to rock scrambling and the like) of the track. However after reading this blog post I decided that perhaps the walk would be manageable! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



Today was actually one of the hottest days we have had in awhile. After tornadoes, storms and rain last week, the sunshine was a welcome surprise. I think it even crept up to over 30 degrees today! Admittedly it meant some sweaty hiking on our behalf, but there was a nice breeze to cool us off.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The walk itself was about 10kms, which allegedly was meant to take five hours. We started and finished at the Quarry Carpark and it took us around 3 or so hours, and that was with probably almost an hours worth of stopping a long the way!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The gorge has some amazing rock formations, and the rock itself was quite beautiful in places. An information board at the carpark had information about the geological history of the place, but I gave up reading once technical rock terms came into play.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


“Chris stand over there, I want to take a photo of you” – “Here, in front of this gorge you had already taken 200 photos of?” – “……..”



The track started off quite steep, before leveling off at the top of the gorge. We checked out the eastern and western viewpoints, before the track began descending down into the gorge itself. As I had seen online, there were a few rock scrambling sections of the track (as you can see in the photo below!), but nothing challenging by any means.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The walk was guided by a few coloured arrows dotted along the track. Once we were down in the gorge they all but disappeared, so we assumed this meant we had to follow the river! Thankfully this was correct, though the track was certainly questionable at times (see above!).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

About halfway along the circuit the track widened out onto a beach. I had read online that this was one of the two swimming points, so we packed in our bathers in anticipation! We were sweaty, hot and ready for a swim but the water was absolutely freezing! Chris eventually took a plunge, whilst a waded about in the shallows. I am probably atrociously sunburnt, despite being covered in sunscreen. The plight of being pale.



After drying off and eating our lunch we continued on, eventually passing a few other hikers – we had been completely alone up until then! It was wonderfully peaceful being away from the city.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn the above photo you can see the most ‘hardcore’ part of the hike, in which one must clamber around the face of these rocks whilst holding on to a wire. It was a lot easier than it sounds!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFoolishly we had not packed enough water, so we spent the last kilometres of the hike dying of thirst. Not to mention dying climbing up a final hill!

Overall it was a fantastic day, and such a beautiful location. It was a mere hours drive from the city, which made it the perfect half day trip, and study break! Every time I do hike near the city I feel so inspired to do more, but that never seems to happen. A Summer break goal perhaps? If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

– Reanna


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