SPRING FLING // Melbourne, Australia

If this weather keeps up I will truly be happy. Feeling the sun again really improves ones mood, and makes weekends all the better to go exploring. This past weekend Chris and I wandered five minutes up the road to the annual Spring Fling street festival in North Melbourne! A perfect break from study.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


All of Errol Street was closed off to cars, however they still allowed the 57 tram to come through. The festival is also a great opportunity for local businesses to go on show, so all the cafes expanded out onto the street. We popped into Salt, a fancy fish and chip shop we had been intending to check out for a while.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


There were also a few market stalls around, selling jewellery, clothes and other knick knacks. The festival also expanded down the laneways off Errol Street, with a few music and performance stages scattered throughout. We stumbled across an awesome band down Raglan Street, where all the performers looked about 12 years old! Certainly far more talented than I will ever be.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Behind the Arts House/Town Hall a suitcase rummage was on show. I basically bought half someones wardrobe, but it was totally worth it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Oh, and coffee from Auction Rooms take out place – Counter. A must every time one goes up Errol Street.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



This is why you don’t get take out coffee from the actual Auction Rooms cafe – always packed!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe spent the remainder of the sunny afternoon enjoying a beverage in a local park, which seems to be a popular place for hipsters to try out their newest hobbies (reading, frizbee, tight rope walking…).

This wasn’t an especially exciting or interesting adventure around Melbourne, but I decided to document it anyway as I felt it was a wonderfully Melbourne day, and I really have come to love the community in North Melbourne. Chris and I have only been living here since February, but I do adore Errol Street and the surrounding area, for all its little quirks. I am not quite sure if I will be able to part with the area if/when we leave!

– Reanna.


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