ROADTRIPPIN’ // Batlow, Australia

The mid-semester break couldn’t come quick enough this term, but due to the newly created ‘Grand Final Day Long Weekend’ the break didn’t come until 9 weeks into the semester. But a break is a break!

Chris and I have always intended to travel during our week off, even just locally or interstate, but it never happened. Normally we end up sitting at home studying, but this semester we decided to swing ourselves into action and plan a roadtrip. Plus, we are headed to Canberra on the end weekend of the break for a model United Nations, so we thought we may as well make a trip our of it!



The main part of our roadtrip is Sydney. While it is possible to drive there in a day from Melbourne (about nine hours I think?) we decided to break it up over two days and take our time. Our first stop was for lunch at quaint old Beechworth. I had stayed here a number of times when I was younger and had fond memories of the little town, namely the bakery and the sweet shop. While we didn’t indulge in such foods this time, we enjoyed walking around to stretch our legs and have lunch at a little cafe.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIf you have never heard of Beechworth, you have probably had their famous honey! Chris and I made ourselves feel a bit ill by partaking in the free samples of all the honey flavours. Chocolate honey, anyone?


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter Beechworth it was back on the road for a few hours. I quite enjoyed the drive, as the scenery was beautiful and constantly changing. One moment we were in lush green field, then arid hills, and then in eucalyptus forests.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOur destination for the night was a sleepy little town off the highway called Batlow. Dad recommended it to us based on their delicious local cider. After a bit more research we decided it sounded pretty good, with just enough in the are to keep us occupied for a night. We didn’t book accomodation in advance, but ended up staying in this little motel owned by a lovely couple.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


After a quick walk to see the sights of the town (admittedly not a lot) we put up our feet to enjoy the sunshine and a local brew. The area is renowned for apples, and apparently we were about two weeks early for the annual apple blossom festival!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The next morning we went for another walk to stretch out legs before another day on the road. It was so wonderfully peaceful walking among the trees. You never truly realise how noisy the city is until you get away from it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Much to my delight we encountered a group of BABY GOATS on our way back to the motel. I had commented on the adorableness from a distance, but when we got closer the started bleating and ran up us. For a while we thought they were actually going to follow us back, but they eventually turned around. Far too cute.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Before hitting the highway we made a slight backtrack to check out the famed Sugar Pine Walk. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but it was definitely worth a look. The walk is more of a central path running up the middle of a sugar pine plantation planted in 1928. It was an oddly eerie area, yet apparently a lot of people get married here!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter that it was back on the road to Sydney! It wasn’t overly exciting (lots of long, straight highways!), with the highlight being our lunch at a town called Yass. A cheese plate and grilled veggie platter for lunch? Yass please.

We made it to our hostel in Sydney with relative ease, which we were surprised about considering the horror stories of navigating the city we had been told. We checked into our hostel last night, and are off for more exploring today!

– Reanna


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