HOW TIME FLIES // Bendigo, Australia

Wow, another month has flown by and I don’t have much to show for it. In terms of photos/adventures/exciting escapades anyway. The past few weeks have honestly been crazy busy with exams, assignments and work. I ended up getting quite a few days work at an organisation I normally volunteer for as soon as I finished exams, and that just finished up on Friday. So now holidays are officially here! It is less than two days until Chris jets off to Hong Kong, and less than a week until I head off to China. How is this happening?!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Yesterday I made the most of a day off and drove out to Bendigo to catch up with my brother. I hadn’t been up there for awhile, plus I was needing a day out in the countryside after a number of days stuck in an office. We kept it pretty low key and wandered around Bendigo’s shops, cooked up an awesome soup and scones for lunch, and just generally chatted. I needed to get some more outdoor time up, so we went for a short walk up around the One Tree Hill lookout tower.



It was a pretty gloomy, overcast day. I don’t think I actually saw the sun at all!




Now that I finally have a bit more free time I am endeavouring to do a bit more exploring, even though it is only a matter of days before I am off to China! I know I have been saying that ever since I got back from Europe, but this has been a bit of a crazy, weird semester. I am actually kind of glad it is over, and am looking forward to a quick holiday before coming back and sorting my life out a bit better for the second half of the year.

– Reanna


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