CATCH UP // Melbourne, Australia

Wow, I didn’t intend to leave my blog so unattended but time truly is just flying at the moment. I am well and truly immersed back into Melbourne life, busy with uni, studying, coffee dates, editing and writing over at Unimelb Adventures, volunteering and a little bit of work (there doesn’t seem to be many shifts available yet). I keep forgetting to bring my camera around with me, as a lot of what I do here is quite spontaneous. However semester one is nearly over, so I am sure I will have many more exciting adventures in the holidays!

The following are an assortment of random photos (from both my phone and camera) from the past few weeks.


InstagramCapture_74efb76c-b498-4a4d-a050-38e87f5200d2A couple of snaps from my beloved University of Melbourne. It is so good to be back.


UntitledPottering around North Melbourne. It is starting to feel a lot like home now. We are also back into our routine of fortnightly breakfast dates! There is an abundance of delicious cafes nearby. The above was at Code Black Coffee‘s North Melbourne cafe.



There have also been some spontaneous date nights. This particular one was at Fancy Hank’s BBQ Joint, which overlooks the Queen Vic Market. It was strange seeing it deserted at night time.




WP_20150510_11_04_57_ProThis past weekend Mum, Olivia and I took part in the annual Mothers Day Classic. Mum and I did the 8km run last year, but we stuck to the 4km walk this year seeing as we had a 7 year old in tow! We went out for breakfast before hand, and despite the rain we had a fun morning.

Speaking of rain, today was the alleged coldest day in Melbourne thus far this year (I am talking like Europe-like temperatures of under 10 degrees here people, I am not ready for the cold yet!). But classic Melbourne style, it was pouring rain one minute, then the next minute, this:

InstagramCapture_c343fbed-160b-456c-8e79-c100689eb0e6I just can’t keep up. This is a snap of uni I took for the Unimelb Adventures instagram account, which I manage.

I have been spending a bit of time perusing through my Europe photos on here lately, both as a form of procrastination and because I am starting to create a physical album of my escapades. It all seems so long ago now! I really cannot wait to go on another adventure soon. Wanderlust really didn’t take long to set in!

– Reanna.


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