AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD // Melbourne, Australia

Sunshine filled days are slowly starting to dwindle, as Melbourne’s typical four-seasons-in-one-day weather returns. Is it cold? Is it humid? Is it going to rain? Do I need sunscreen? I feel like I never win.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


I have been intending to take my camera out with me on my regular walks around the quaint streets of North Melbourne, our new suburb. I love the architecture and general feel of the area, it seems to encapsulate Melbourne’s often hodge-podge collection of buildings. My walks take me past uninspiring brick apartment buildings (which we unfortunately live in), terrace houses, warehouses that have been turned into homes, and a few modern flats. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


We are also blessed with tree lined streets and cobbled laneways. Below is a Ukrainian church Chris and I stumbled upon not long after moving. We saw the tower from the distance and were intrigued – as you can see it looks nothing like churches traditionally do around here. I would love to go inside one day.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUni, volunteering and starting work has Chris and I both pretty tied down. Our plans for a roadtrip over the Easter break never quite eventuated, but hopefully we can sneak in a quick getaway sometime soon! In the mean time we have been soaking up being back in Melbourne and absolutely loving it. I just have to remember to document more of it!

– Reanna.


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