CAPITAL CITY TRAIL // Melbourne, Australia


Summer days are no longer with us, but the sun still shines enough for it to pass as a beautiful day. I am glad we missed out on a humid heat wave this year, but I am still relishing the sun while it lasts. There is a lot of vitamin D to be caught up on after Europe!

Chris and I have been keeping ourselves busy adjusting back into university life. I am still on the job hunt, but Chris has been working a lot. So when he scored a day off today – Saturday – we decided to take advantage of it and get out of the house. We are both thoroughly enjoying riding our bikes around the city (did I mention I scored a bike for 30 bucks from the op-shop? I love it!), so we headed out to conquer the Capital City Trail. This track circles the entire way around the CBD, journeying through many iconic landmarks and suburbs.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWell, honestly there isn’t much conquering about this trail. To seasoned cyclists the tracks 29km distance is nothing! But for us, it is a nice distance. We started the trail from Arden Street in North Melbourne, and headed clockwise around the city. We broke up our journey with several stops, the first being at Green Park Dining in Carlton North. The place was fittingly hipster, as well as being full of little Melbournian families. This part of the trail travels along the north side of the city, through wonderful Carlton. As you can see below, it is quite residential, resulting in us having to dodge all the families out for their Saturday morning walk! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



The trail joins up along the Merri Creek track for awhile, following the water and winding through beautiful bushland. It is amazing to be surrounded by so much greenery when locations such as Smith Street are just a stones throw away! The trail also passes Dights Fall, which you can see bellow.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Our primary destination for the day was beloved Lentil as Anything at Abbottsford Convent. We have spent many a day here, eating their delicious vegetarian food on the lawn or balcony, particularly when Chris did a marketing internship with them last year. They are a fantastic organisation, that offers delicious food with no set price – rather, you ‘pay as you feel’ and funds are reimbursed back into the community, employing disadvantaged people, and keeping the business afloat.



The convent itself is also beautiful.

The trail then continues along the Yarra River until you hit Southbank, opposite the CBD.




We stopped off for a beer and watched the world bustle by for awhile. Also, we needed to rest our legs after all the cycling!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe last leg of our journey took us down to South Wharf, before heading north again through Docklands. We pulled over at Docklands to have a look at some shops, but it isn’t a very photo worthy place. I personally don’t really like it that much, it feels like it tried so hard to be something great but never really achieved what it set out to.

From there, it was a short ride home. Now, we are enjoying sitting down before heading out for dinner. Nepalese, anyone?

– Reanna.


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