I AM STILL HERE // Melbourne, Australia

I had thought I would leave this blog behind once I returned back home, but I think I will still keep it alive, but in a much less rigid sense. It has been nice to have a break from the constant photo taking and uploading my life online. However, I did really enjoy the experience of going through my photos and actually doing a little bit more with them then simply taking them off my camera and leaving them to my hard drive. Currently I am in the process of finishing off a photo album of Chris and my 2014. Despite it being a depressing representation of my lack of creativity, it has been a fun experience, and I have decided I would like to do the same for my Europe trip and the year to come. Of course, making an album requires taking photos, so I will upload the odd adventure up on here.



This past weekend Mum and co. came down for a day at Moomba. I had never actually been to the festival myself, so thought I would tag along to see what all the fuss is about. It was a perfect day, however the cloud in the morning deceived me and I ended up leaving the day incredibly sunburnt.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Indulging my inner child – and requests from my little sister – I partook in both a ferris wheel and some water-boat-pirate-slide-thing. Despite freaking out my anxiety, the ferris wheel was worth it for the amazing views of Melbourne. Did I mention I have moved back to the city? Chris and I have the best little apartment in North Melbourne, and we are loving being back.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


We had a picnic lunch on the Yarra and watched some of the water skiing events. Unfortunately we missed out on the iconic Birdman event. One day I will see it!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Despite the sunburn, over priced carnival rides and masses of screaming children, it was a fun day out. I can only imagine what the clean up of such an event would be like!

– Reanna.


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