GOODBYE 2014 // Prague, Czech Republic

I know I have been saying this the entire time I have been over in Europe, but this year has just completely flown by! It has been such a crazy, busy time, but I have had some fantastic experiences and grown so much. I was intending this post to be a bit more philosophical, but I am still recovering from New Years celebrations last night and my brain is a bit all over the place from playing tour guide for friends and family. In a few days!


10884376_988000441233697_410248354_nWe had a lovely time playing in the snow again in the morning, building a – somewhat dismal – snowman while waiting for the ice skating rink to open. Julian is just the absolute cutest in his snow onesie.



The ice skating rink was set up at the base of the TV Tower, and was quite cheap – 130 crowns, about $6.50 AUD – to use, including skate hire. Mum and Morgan stayed on the sidelines and helped walk Julian around the rink, while the rest of us gave it a shot. I am happy to report Chris and I were far more successful then our pathetic attempts in Copenhagen!10884808_987999554567119_1855775363_n



Julian was as hopeless as one would expect a 3-year0old with blades strapped to his boots to be, but he had a ball nonetheless. 10893577_987999481233793_1968311567_n



We eventually got off after a good hour and grabbed some delicious fresh food for lunch at a nearby farmers market. The remainder of the afternoon was pretty chilled out, as we rested up for the night ahead. Chris, Aidan, Morgan and I cooked pizzas in my room and had a few drinks to start the evening, before grabbing some fireworks from the corner store and climbing up to Vyšehrad.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


I had discovered fireworks for sale in my local supermarket a week or so earlier, and after some googling we discovered that yes, it was in fact totally legal. We were a bit premature with our fireworks at 8pm, but it was a bit of fun.

We met up with some of my Prague friends and joined a group of people for some drinks in an apartment with the intention of heading to a nearby park to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately we left it a bit late and instead ended up celebrating on the street with some other random people, who had more fireworks. Actually, it turns out pretty much everyone buys a firecracker of some sorts in Prague, and the night was alive with the sounds of fireworks going off on every street corner. It was such a bizarre experience, and the city was soon covered in a haze of smoke.



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe continued on to another party for a couple more hours, before heading home for bed. It was a fun, sporadic night, and it was completely different to the hot summer night normally experienced in Melbourne. I was very grateful to have some of my closest friends and family with me, despite being on the other side of the world.

I hope you all had fun bringing in the New Year!

– Reanna.

(Also thank you Mum for most of the photos in this post!)


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