CURRENTLY: EDITION 2 // Prague, Czech Republic

I was perusing through my blog archives looking for a particular post, when I came across this post from a few months ago. Basically, I was checking in with how I was feeling in a few basic areas of life. Today I thought I would do so again, and see how life has changed since then!

These photos are from a walk I went on yesterday up Petřín Hill. It is a beautiful area – though incredibly steep to walk up!



(Memorial to not only the victims of communism, but everyone who was impacted by the regime)

Housing: This is well and truly not an issue now! Back when I wrote my initial reflection post I was enduring the hell that was student dorms, but as I have mentioned previously I have escaped to a much better life. The location is great, I have my own kitchen, and I live right near the tram. Sure, it is a bit old and the internet can be frustrating when trying to skype, but I like it!



University: I am so utterly disappointed with Charles University. I cannot express my excitement to get back to my beloved University of Melbourne and reigniting my passion for learning. Registering for classes probably cut two years off my life due to stress, and the classes themselves feel like they have been thrown together on the side without much care for exchange students. Professors don’t answer their emails and there is little guidance with some of my assessments. I am really struggling with a lack of motivation that has ensued from my despair. I am currently trying to nail out my final pieces of assessment, but I am finding it hard to concentrate on something I have no invested interest in. I know facing challenges was a whole part of exchange, but it has been really, really hard. While it has made exchange a bumpy ride at times, it certainly hasn’t detracted dramatically from my overall experience.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The city: My feelings are pretty much exactly the same as the initial post – sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate this beautiful city. Going for this walk yesterday provided me with a refreshing view of it all. I am also looking forward to having Chris, some of my family and a friend visit me in the coming days, so I can show them around!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


#Feelings: A bit up and down lately, as I struggle to put together these assessments for uni and battle a lack of fulfillment I often feel (due to not having work, volunteering, etc). I did recently help organize and run a quiz night for the Amnesty International English Speaking Group in Prague, which was quite fun. Being involved in the group (even if it is only an hour or so a week) has been a fantastic experience, and I have met a lot of great people through it. Traveling with Chris has always been fantastic, and I am so excited for friends and family to visit! Chris arrives tomorrow night, so I don’t have many days of solitude left. The cold weather has also been quite hard to deal with, as some days it is painful to be outside for too long, and being locked up inside all day doesn’t make me feel too great. But overall, I am doing well!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


And that is all I think! I have also had some great dinner parties and coffee dates with friends, and I am getting ready for Christmas. I will probably have a bombardment of photos coming up soon when everyone arrives in Prague, as I imagine there will be a lot of sight seeing!

– Reanna.


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