UNEXPECTED NIGHTS // Prague, Czech Republic

I was planning a pretty low key night on Friday, but things escalated into one of the best nights out I have had in the city so far! The wonderful tour guide I had on the Prague Alternative Tour informed me (only hours before the event started!) about the final party at the artist residence Trafačka. On the tour we were told that the future of the venue was in doubt, but it seems the landlord has finally sold up and it has to close.

IMG_5826_2I had seen Trafačka during the day time on my tour, and our guide had told us about some of the amazing events that had previously been held there. During the day time it was hard to imagine such a place being so full of life, but on Friday night it was certainly alive. To mark the end of its era, Trafačka opened up its main gallery, the basement, the warehouse (turned dance floor) and courtyard to house hundreds of people. Over 100 artists also had their art on display.



IMG_5853I unfortunately forgot my camera, so these snaps have been kindly donated by my dear friend Hamza!


IMG_5864The courtyard even featured a shed that was converted into a bar!

The place had such an amazing vibe. It was great to wander through the gallery space, which was somewhat interactive in the sense you were able to meander through an old basement, climb up a rickety staircase into a loft, and shuffle down run down corridors. You could also hang out in the basement bar, lounge on old sofas on the balconies, or dance in the warehouse. It was certainly an experience!



IMG_5910We eventually ended up leaving and heading to a friends place, but I am so glad I had this opportunity to experience the feel of Prague culture for young people. It was completely different to all the Erasmus parties that clog up my invite page on Facebook (Crazy Moustache Party, Glow Party, Traffic Light Party,  Crazy Sunglasses Party…). It is such a shame that this space has to end.

6snap-141207-203214Also, please enjoy a random snapchat from Hamza of me getting my haircut at a market today. Hours of googling for an English speaking hair dresser had yet to produce any worthwhile results, and when I found out it was 200 CZK (10 AUD), how could I say no!

– Reanna.


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