A DAY IN MY LIFE // Prague, Czech Republic

Seeing as how uneventful my life has been the past few days, I thought I would share a quick glimpse of what my life as an exchange student in Prague has been life. As a heads up, it is not glamorous and exciting! I am pretty mundane when it come to the daily drag! Most mornings I take it pretty easy, seeing as the earliest I ever have university is 10am. As nice as it is some days to have a cruisy morning, I have honestly been missing waking up and starting my day with a bang. I guess that comes from spending last semester starting work at 7am and having 9am lectures, added to my inability to sleep in. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere is few quick snaps of my final room. After all the moving around and annoyance of the dorm, then being in a temporary room on the fifth floor of my current building, it feels so great to have a bit of permanence. I have been able to make the room feel a bit more at home, and unpack everything. And no, I didn’t choose the bed covers – that’s just what I got, and they are definitely not my style! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI managed to hold on to quite a few of my tourist maps from various cities I have visited on my travels. When I get back to Melbourne I would love to get a giant map of the world to put on my wall, so Chris and I can mark out all the places we have been! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs you can see, the kitchen is in my room. Sure, the room is a bit old and shabby (I assume the floor was white once) but it does the job! Plus, anything is better than that nightmare of a dorm!

My minimal list of achievements most mornings usually consists of skyping or Facebook messaging friends and family back in Australia (damned ten hour time difference!), studying, or going for a run around Vyšehrad (which is becoming increasingly harder due to the cold). I also sometimes clean my room, peruse skyscanner.com (many hours have been wasted on that site) or plan out things to do on an upcoming weekend getaway. I know, I warned you Iwas pretty hardcore.

I have six classes for university, and they are spread out over four buildings. Thankfully, most of them are in the city centre, while one is a 15 minute ride on the metro to an outer suburb. From my flat it is literally a two minute walk to the tram stop, which has a convenient number of trams to take me close to my city classes. If I have time I like to get off the tram a few stops early and walk through the city, heading down odd lane ways and dodging tourists on segways (there is a ridiculous amount of segway tour companies in Prague, so many that in a recent election one of the politicians was campaigning a policy to get rid of them). The below building, on Celetna street, is where most of my psychology classes are. It has some pretty grand entrance doors, that are as heavy as they look!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI usually spend my breaks between classes doing a bit more walking, or studying indoors if it is particularly bad weather. Sometimes I have a few jobs to do, or I will buy lunch at one of my favourite vegetarian buffet haunts. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that you can get an amazing meal here for under $10. If I went to a traditional Czech place favourited by locals I could probably get a meal for under $5, but there is only so much meat, potatoes and bread one can handle!

More often then not I will end up having coffee at a cafe frequented by my friends. The cafe is only pretty new, and one of my friends discovered  it, and after pretty much bringing us all by at some point or another, has since basically become their number one customer! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt is starting to look a lot like Christmas in Prague!

My afternoons are generally pretty uneventful, and always seem to involve a trip to the supermarket. Chris and I were such masters at the weekly shop last year, but for some reason that has completely fallen off the wagon for both of us here! Even if I just need to buy one thing, I always come out of the supermarket with a bag of groceries – I can’t resist with everything being so cheap! The novelty of shopping in a different country hasn’t entirely worn off yet either. My Czech classes are also starting to pay off a bit, as I no longer have to spend five minutes on google translate when I am trying to work out what meat to buy! I pretty much always cook dinner at home, unless I meet up with some friends.

My nights tend to be uneventful – no crazy Erasmus parties for me! – involving Skype sessions (sometimes with dinner) with Chris, study and sleep. Some nights I will meet up with friends for a few beers, and on Wednesday’s I go to Amnesty International’s English Speaking Group in the city. The group is predominately made up of expats, and is pretty small. We usually write letters on current campaigns, and have a few movie screenings and talks. The group is also planning their annual fundraiser, which I am helping to coordinate. Everyone is lovely, and we often stay out for a drink after as well.

And there you have it. Glamorous and riveting, I know! My weekends away are far more eventful. Speaking of which, I am off to Copenhagen this evening to visit Chris in his home city one more time before he comes to Prague!

– Reanna.


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