I feel like my attempts at photography are slowly declining, yet I am doing exactly what I have been doing all trip! Maybe I should consider investigating the other settings on my camera!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYesterday morning saw me embark on (hopefully) the final step of what I have now deemed the “Visa Saga”. For any of you who have had to bear witness to my tears and complaint about this long and complicated process, you’ll know what I mean. My final step was to send my passport back to Australia. I was too nervous to trust Fedex to find me at my dorm, so instead I spent ages on public transport to find their office in a far out suburb. You could tell people don’t normally walk there, as I had to walk in the mud on the side of a road through an industrial estate. Nevertheless, the deed was done. Now to wait for it’s return…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter these exciting events, I met up with a friend in the city and went to check out the Museum of Communism.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe museum was quite small, and was filled with relics and memorabilia from the time of Communism in Prague. It was quite information heavy, but was still interesting.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt also seems they collected every statue head of a Communist leader.

The Museum also had a side gallery featuring a series of rare images from North Korea. I found this incredibly moving, and somewhat distressing, the be reminded of the atrocities that are still occurring in that country today.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s crazy to think that Communism was still part of society here in Prague only 25 years ago, yet looking at these images makes it seem like such a foreign and archaic idea.



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs powerful and awful as propaganda was, it is one of favourite art forms.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Museum had made a collection of propaganda style posters with jokes about the ridiculousness of the Communist regime.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThat evening I joined an English speaking Amnesty International group I found out about online. Everyone in the group is lovely, and it sounds like I can help out a bit throughout my semester! Afterwards I met up with a few friends for a drink and a chat.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd on a random note, here is me appreciating my dinner. Considering the lack of resources here in my dorm, I have been making some quite delicious meals (falafel, dumpling soup, curry, etc). I hardly ever see anyone else in the kitchen, and even then all they have been cooking is eggs on toast.

Masterchef life.

– Reanna.



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