A BIT OF EVERYTHING // Prague, Czech Republic

My life has been quite sporadic at the moment, with getting settled in, starting o-week, and socialising (what? I know).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOn Saturday, after a delicious vegetarian lunch with my friend from UniMelb, I met up with a German exchange student who had been in contact with me. It was great to meet up with another exchange student, and we wandered around the Zažít Vinohrady Jinak – Americká ulice (which, according to google translate, is the “Otherwise experience Vinohrady – American Street”). It was a street festival in a neighbourhood of Prague that seemed to have a bit of an American feel to it. Despite to rain, it was bustling with people drinking, eating and listening to music.



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOn Sunday I met up with my German friend again for lunch, before meeting up with my friend from UniMelb and heading out to the Meet Factory for a flea market. As did most other exchange students it seems – there was a lot of English to be heard when I was walking around! It was a cool venue, that served as a music hall and an at gallery. We may be back to catch a live act one weekend! Later that evening we met up with some other acquaintances of my friends for dinner.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOn Monday morning I kept my schedule pretty chilled out, and pulled on the old tourist hat again and wandered the streets of central Prague. There is still so much I am yet to see!



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI happened to be walking past the Astronomical Clock minutes before it was due to go off, so I thought I would join the throngs to see what all the fuss was about. Understatement of the century to say the least. Literally nothing happened. Unless you count a few of the figurines turning their heads from side to side as riveting.



The weather was a bit all over the place, reminding me of old Melbourne. One minute I was wandering in the pouring rain, the next I was pulling off my jumper in the sun!



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSome hideous dancing building, which seems odd in contrast to the rest of Prague’s old architecture.

On top of all this, I have also been looking at flats with a couple of other girls. However, we have yet to find anything suitable, or we have been beaten by the hoards of other exchange students on the hunt. Hopefully we find something soon! I am admittedly managing quite well in my dorm, though I certainly don’t want to be here for five months.

O-week also started yesterday, finallllly. I went to a lecture on Czech culture yesterday, which wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped, but it did make me feel better about some quirks of the culture I had come up against (apparently it is totally normally for people in shops to be rude, and for people to glare at you for smiling at them on public transport). Afterwards a few people headed out for a couple of drinks, and I tagged along to have a chat to some other exchange students. It has been fascinating to meet people from so many different cultures!

Today (Tuesday) was my official “registration day”, ie. listen to how I can register for subjects NEXT WEEK, then spend two + hours waiting to get my student card. It was a very long, and very frustrating day to say the least. I am trying to accept that this is just the way things roll in different cultures, but for someone with my need for constant organisation and structure, it is doing my head in!

Let’s hope it gets better later in the week!

– Reanna



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